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Man, two shows that I love are having their season premieres really soon and I’m only just hearing about it now.

Animals Season 3, which they didn’t plan for and seems just as good as ever.

Get Shorty Season 2


It’s crazy to me how hard it’s been for Locke & Key to get picked up. Still very surprised that Hulu passed on it and essentially handed a series with such great potential to their biggest competitor. I have confidence that Netflix will do the series justice.


It’s odd that a lot of Joe Hill’s projects seem so similarly cursed though. Dark Side failed to get picked up and the comic version never got collected. Heart Shape Box got kicked around as a film for years without getting made. Even Horns took forever to get made and then essentially went direct to video.

EDIT: Reading the article, it’s kind of crazy that they’re scraping the pilot and are going to recast yet again.




I genuinely mean that. I like the idea they’re going into this fresh.


The article I read was really confusing on that front because I swear it said they weren’t scrapping the pilot and were recasting. I assumed it was a typo, but it took a couple of reads to make sense of it. But yeah, it’s crazy that it’s going to go through a third pilot now. At least this time it’ll finally air.


This will be a shame because following these people and seeing what they tweet about is like 99% of the reason I am on Twitter.


I’m a little concerned about the fresh start honestly. Mainly because I’m not crazy about the new talent being brought in. The new producers main credit is Star-Crossed, which wasn’t good.

It’s a but confusing. They do seem to be holding on to one cast member but recasting everyone else.


Based on the Julia Davis UK series.


That did not look good.


Julia Davis has a very dark and slightly disturbing approach to comedy. Her characters are quite unhinged while Garner there seems an all round nice person with some strangeness around her.

I’m not sure if that’s being lost in translation there. It looks very jolly and slapstick in comparison but it is just a short trailer.


Brett Gelman (the bearded guy with no lines in the trailer) has a very Davis-esque type of humour, so hopefully he’ll be bringing that type of energy at least.



for an update on the ‘new’ Buffy

New showrunner('s pinned tweet.


Sequel? Ok.

I still don’t want it buried in backstory, but I’m interested in how they take it from here.