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King was on Word Balloon the other day talking about that and it was quite funny. He said he kept expecting his ‘TV thing’ to be ditched at every stage but it kept slowly moving towards production. He seemed almost reluctant as he wanted to write more comics but I’m sure he’ll be happy with the cheque. :smile:


I’m done with political dystopias for a while.

Call me after Trump and Brexit are history, I’ve got no interest in wallowing in fictional versions for the duration.


I’m not sure where to put this post but I don’t see why anyone should have to resign following getting caught out on a satirical show. Like, everyone is deleting Twitter and with these James Gunn and Dan Harmon thing you wonder when freedom of speech became so easily used as a weapon.

Recently my very left wing comedian mate had a go at a right wing guy on Twitter over his complaints about the term ‘gammon.’ Said gammon utilized his alt-right pals to all put a complaint in about my friend’s offensive-ness. So a Twitter account with thousands of local followers interested in his comedy no longer have a way to interact with him and vice versa.

There are people actually doing horrible things in the world and we spoke before here about the line becoming smashed where being vocal about rape or racism is becoming on par with actual actions of that nature. It’s time everyone started having a serious think about redefining rules.


There are people who are more than willing to police a line of morality that they have no intention of following themselves.


Adult Swim, which airs Rick and Morty — and recently renewed the popular cartoon for 70 (!) additional episodes — has decided not to fire Harmon, though the network did issue a statement calling the sketch “offensive.”

“At Adult Swim, we seek out and encourage creative freedom and look to push the envelope in many ways, particularly around comedy,” the network said. “The offensive content of Dan’s 2009 video that recently surfaced demonstrates poor judgement and does not reflect the type of content we seek out. Dan recognized his mistake at the time and has apologized. He understands there is no place for this type of content here at Adult Swim.”

Considering a lot of what Adult Swim has aired over its history, I wouldn’t be surprised if “the Network” was laughing out loud as they wrote this. Maybe they’re saying it ironically? After all, this is the network that gave us this:


I reckon this is a game planed by both sides these days. The cat’s out of the bag really, I don’t see everyone agreeing to stop this.

Ultimately we’ll just see a sanitization of social media, or a lack of participation entirely. We’re going through the learning steps of social media and it’s consequences over the last decade or so, and ultimately people will stop putting up anything challenging or offensive. We’ll learn to conduct ourselves online much like we do in real life. I think the James Gunn moment is a tipping point, highlighting that anything you say from even before you get a job, anything that people can infer incorrectly or take offense to puts you in the target sights. Social media isn’t valuable enough to allow such risks.

Recently in the US a MLB pitcher had racist tweets he made when he was 16 revealed and he was dragged through the coals on it. He kept his job, but if dumb teenager shit is fair play now then I don’t think social media is very wise for anyone to participate in (unless they do so in the blandest manner possible).


I honestly don’t think the world will be worse off because of that.

I’m increasingly of the view that these ‘debates’ aren’t amplified by social media (and let’s be truthful here, that means Twitter in 99% of cases, Facebook has your gran on it discussing her holidays and Instagram is teens with big tits showing off), they exist almost solely within it and feed each other.

I haven’t left but I’ve culled my follow list to remove politics, social or party politics, starting with Trump last month (although you can’t really avoid him unfortunately as it’ll be on the news). It’s now for sports news and jokes primarily.

To give an example I have a friend since I was a kid that is transgender, she even has a Youtube channel of a few years going into the experience of transition. She managed to last several years even in that shithole of comments, there are a few very nasty ones she bravely mocks but mostly supportive, blissfully unaware of this Trans V TERF lesbian thing. Yet my Twitter feed was full of straight men debating it all day and night to no real purpose or conclusion, all thinking they are right and vying for who respects ‘women’ most and I can’t help but think she’s better off in the dark and away from it all, just going about life.


I’ve sanitized my output to an extent but it’s difficult. With my Djing I almost play characters, so with my Pirate At The Disco pages I went viral with a video about taking drugs and that has been an on going theme, it would be a hard thing to sanitize that as it’s now part of the pages’ MO. Sometimes I see personal Facebook memories from 10 years ago with dark humour and I’m like “No chance I would put that up now,” but I do still believe that I should be able to joke about pretty much anything without losing my job.


I think it depends slightly on your job and position. Frankie Boyle for example makes a living off being edgy. It may cost him the odd TV gig if he steps over a line but he’s never going to have a career presenting on CBBC. He can always just book a hall and sell it out independently of any companies.

Richard Herring is a good example of that, his entire career is now DIY and self employed and he seems to be doing very well at it (he admits he has a very comfortable lifestyle and income doing podcasts, standup gigs and selling DVDs through a fan site run by Chris Evans - not that one).


I do worry about the future if I’m honest. My overall plan for my career seems to be going according to plan and I’m wary of stuff like that in case it continues to go the way I want and stuff like that becomes an issue. They say no PR is bad PR but that isn’t true anymore in a lot of respects. But then, I guess, Trump.


Not which one? Cos the radio DJ one seems an unlikely person to run Rich Herrring’s website too.


He usually says it twice for that very reason - not Captain America and not the ginger radio DJ. :smile:

He’s a bloke from Cardiff that runs Go Faster Stripe which mainly releases DVDs and downloads of comedy the main networks and labels couldn’t be bothered to.

The content is great but it really is a terrible website design that looks like it hasn’t been reviewed since 1998.


I remember GoFasterStripe from years ago when they put the Fist Of Fun DVDs out. They seem like a nice outfit - a lot of their stuff wouldn’t get released without them.


Chortle links don’t embed, so:

Room 101 is dead: a shame, as I quite enjoyed Frank Skinner’s version of the show.

Filming wraps on Catastrophe series 4: Looking forward to this one. Although Fisher will be missed.


Also, this is interesting:

I loved Frasier but I don’t know if I’m desperate for more.


I’m in for more David Hyde Pierce, but it’s just not a very engaging idea.


That’s like not being desperate for more chocolate or beer.


I want any Frasier sequel to be about his son, who is now a millionaire YouTube vlogger or Twitch streamer, who is aghast at having his snobby father move in with him.


Also Niles is remarried to Maris.