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This show is headed for DOOM


I just read the book a few weeks ago; I’m looking forward to this. Should be better than the Witherspoon version at the very least.


Right, and there’s something about the look of it all.
Just unnerves me as a forced sensed of quirky. Which you don’t really need for this story.


I read Vanity Fair earlier this year. Haven’t seen the Witherspoon version, but I’ll keep my eye out for this new one.


It’s going to be on Amazon in the US I think.


The YouTube video you posted said Amazon on it so I’d assume that’s correct.



Period drama exports very well to the US and other countries which is why the UK makes so much of it*. So I’m not surprised it already has a home there.

  • the sad side effect of that being that BAME actors sometimes struggle to find work because to be realistic most works have to be set after the Windrush generation to feature them heavily.


Yeah, Vanity Fair the book has a bunch of minority characters, but almost always just servants and such who the characters bring back from India/Africa, and all just small roles.


A nice little piece about the making of Dad’s Army:

I remember being young enough when I first watched it that I didn’t realise it was made after World War II.

(See also: Happy Days and the 1950s.)


W-what about Happy Days?


After the Blu-Ray release of that Tom Baker season of Doctor Who, Red Dwarf 1-8 Blu-Rays are still on the way.

Still due in October, apparently.


I find the song they’ve used in the soundtrack really incongruous. I hope that’s just for the trailer and not actually in the producton.


UKTV’s award-winning comedy channel Dave has commissioned brand new panel show Hypothetical (8x60’). The innovative new format will be hosted by Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster.

Produced by Hat Trick Productions, this new show will test two teams of comedians on their ability to deal with a series of ridiculous Hypothetical scenarios:

You have to live in a motorway services for a year, how do you cope?

You have to take a selfie with Nicolas Cage within 48 hours or you die - how do you do it?

You've been booked for the Royal Variety Performance with an hour to spare - you can't do comedy - what do you do?

Each hypothetical will be posed by Josh while James' job is to enforce ridiculous rules and score the guests' attempts at dealing with them. None of the guests see the hypotheticals beforehand and Josh and James take great delight in throwing them curveballs as the show progresses - it's a proper comedic work-out.


After the discussion a week or so ago, I haven’t heard anything about this latest episode that went out last weekend, and I’d forgotten about the show altogether. Did anyone watch it?


That clip was all over the web a couple days ago. I haven’t watched it (or the first episode) though.



I’ve seen the clip but it’s heavily editted/bleeped. It looks like he was told the use the word in a similar way that women are told to yell, “Fire!” instead of “Rape!” to get attention.


I’ve watched both episodes. Ultimately Cohen gives those he interviewers enough rope to hang themselves and some do and some don’t. He tried to goad a republican couple into being offended and they were nothing but courteous despite what Cohen was saying would probably sicken most people. The guy in question here came across as very immature and looked like a child knowing he’d done wrong when Cohen says the N word was noonie and scolds him. It just happens that the more left wing guests have a little more self awareness than some of the others but when he gets a hold of someone without any, he milks it for everything it’s got. If I’m honest, it’s actually probably one of the realest pieces of satire I’ve seen in a long time as some people in the US now seem happy to be racist openly - the townhall meeting in Arizona about a mosque is genuinely pretty shocking. Not only does the joke of a mosque go over their heads but it brings out some genuine moments of disgust in terms of how people in that town see the world around them.


Topic Studios and Playground are developing States of America, an hourlong dystopian drama written by Tom King, a former CIA officer turned bestselling author and comic book writer, as a television series.

States of America is set in a deeply divided U.S. that with an unprovoked act of war has been forced to suffer foreign occupation for the sake of a tentative peace. Combining the thrill and intrigue of speculative fiction with the modern fears and anxiety of the War on Terror, the series explores a world where the old, small differences that divide this country have become the war cries of new nations.