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The Deadly Class trailer looks very good. Seems like they’re really trying to catch the mad energy of the comic. And I love the use of The Killing Joke’s “Eighties” in the trailer. Also: Was that Henry Rollins? Yes it was! Hope it’s a recurring role.


Hmm, that was slightly disappointing. From that trailer at least, it feels too similar (but not as fun as) I Hate Fairyland.


The Roswell reboot looks horrible.

The original wasn’t great, rewatched it a year or two back, but it was about teens for teens. This is more adult focused soap opera mash.


Crossposted with the 2000ad thread:

This makes me very happy. Rob is a brilliant Dredd writer.


So this went through after all - no last-minute agreement was reached.

A bit irritating as a Virgin customer. Hopefully they sort it out and strike a new deal soon. Before Red Dwarf XIII airs, at least.


There’s still the UKTV Play website at least.


Yeah, I used to watch the new RD series through the UKTV Play app anyway as they went up a week before broadcast. A shame not to be able to watch them on tv though.


I still can’t shake the feeling that this is going to end up as a web series or just not being made at all. I get wanting to get the fans excited. But announcing you have a script, but still no network to actually make the thing. Just feels like there’re setting the fans up for disappointment.



They went into some detail on the Thrillcast when it was announced with the head of Rebellion on there (which one of the Kingsley brothers I can’t remember). They say they can self-fund and then find a broadcaster. That’s not unheard of to be honest, shows are made that way and Matthew Vaughan uses the model for his films because it allows creative control and they seem quite precious about the 2000ad properties.

Rebellion also seem fairly cash rich and made a lot of acquisitions in recent years.

Saying that I agree it makes it less likely than a series order from a network but from what they’ve revealed it’s not just a faint hope and they have a business plan for making it that way.


I can think of one classic that did it.



It’s how The Expanse is made



I genuinely can’t wait!




I am getting annoyed with the idea of “the twisted minds of Terry Pratchet and Neil Gaiman”. It’s mentioned at least twice there (in a caption, and then Tennant says it).

No, those gentleman don’t have twisted minds. They have incredible imaginations, but there’s nothing “twisted” about them. “Twisted” doesn’t even sound like a compliment.


And if they can’t figure out how to make that work, maybe talk to Russell T Davies.