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Titansgrave and Tabletop were both originally produced for the Geek and Sundry Youtube channel, so you can watch them all online!

There’s all of Tabletop in a playlist

(my top recommendations. From series 1: Small World, Ticket to Ride, Castle Panic, Fiasco, Elder Sign, Last Night on Earth, and Star Fluxx, From Series 2: The Resistance, King of Tokyo, Forbidden Island, X-Wing, Lords of Waterdeep, Shadows over Camelot, and Betrayal at the House on the Hill. from Series 3: Tokaido, Stone Age, Sheriff of Nottingham, Cards Against Humanity, Dread and Mice and Mystics. And from Series 4: Tiny Epic Galaxies, Fury of Dracula, Star Realms, Star Trek: Five-Year Mission, Steam Park, and Eldritch Horror)

And there’s Titansgrave





Didn’t it get renewed after the premiere?




I think Roseanne Barr needs to get her head sorted out. Everything she says is repugnant but I think there are mental problems at the heart of it all. It seems she says off putting things to get some kind of attention.


She’s always been this way though. The stupid bullshit used to just be slanted from the other side of the political aisle. :wink:


Yeah this was a part of her show. Doing something crazy to get a reaction, and then causing a fuss over the reaction, saying people are prejudiced, they don’t understand her, they’re out to get her etc. I recognize the mode of behavior from people in my vicinity and I thought there was always something unfunny and sinister about the Roseanne show.

Still it seems to be worse now, this is her whole personality now. And also with the diving into conspiracy theory stuff. Her head must be full of garbage.


Don’t Stop Me Now intensifies


I love the new show. Episode 17 was awesome. They made gummiberry juice!



Well, Whedon is apparently on board with this, so okay, I guess.

Whedon will be an exec producer on the series and has been working with Breen on the script, which features a black actress stepping into the role of Buffy made famous by Gellar.

Gail Berman, Joe Earley, Fran Kazui and Kaz Kazui (who produced Whedon’s original Buffy film that inspired the TV series) will also serve as exec producers on the potential series. A network is not yet attached for the new Buffy, talks for which began last fall. Producers Fox 21 TV Studios will pitch the Buffy re-do to streaming and cable outlets later this summer in a package bound to ignite a bidding war. It’s unclear if Whedon will have any additional role on the new Buffy due to his other commitments, which include HBO’s recent straight-to-series order The Nevers.

Doesn’t seem like he’s involved though.

I hope they don’t do an actual remake but rather a sequel, so to speak. Buffy’s mythology always allowed for new Slayers, and that way, they could have some guest appearances by the old cast.


Seems like the obvious way to take it, I agree. Would definitely be fun to see some of the old crew show up. Although whether that would mean contradicting the ‘canon’ comics continuation, I don’t know.

(Or care, really. The show is always going to be more important and they could easily throw out all the extended universe stuff, Star Wars style.)


Buffy is now loaded with as much backstory mythology as any long running series. New viewers don’t need that pressure.

I have no problem if they ditch it all with a reboot.


Tennant seems to have amnesia. He’s never been on a show like this with its crazy locations and people wearing prosthetics?


Look a bit too “BBC” from this behind the scenes stuff.


Broadchurch did get weird in its final season.


I think there’s a middle way though. Forget about the comics and any other extended mythology, just go with the basic stuff: there is a force that turns women into weapons against supernatural evil, and when one dies, another is chosen. And there was a legendary Slayer once, in a town called Sunnydale that completely disappeared in some weird disaster.

And you build the new show, but have an episode now and then that connects to the old one. Maybe one semi-regular supporting character from the old cast, Giles or Willow maybe.