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He was? Right, that’s it, I’m boycotting lightbulbs :angry:


When you’re out there on the court shooting hoops, you want a shoe that’s gonna give you an edge. You want a sneaker that makes piggy sounds every time you step down on the heel. And that’s just what our shoes do: they make piggy sounds every time you step down on the heel. Piggy-Shoes: they make piggy sounds every time you step down on the heel. Isn’t it about time your shoes made sounds like a piggy from the heel when you stepped down on 'm?


I wanna dip my balls in it!


Iiiiiiiiiii’m outta heeree


And then what Commandant Wheeler, I’m Doug, and I may not be the brightest tool in the shed, but I had sex with my girlfriend for 2 hours once.



I don’t care about America, all I care about is sex and booze and pills. Damn this country and everyone in it. - Abraham Lincoln


Let’s have a big hand for our 2nd Grade class and their show The Four Food Groups. They did it all themselves! Matt and Suzie painted the sets and they were beautiful. Steven and Wendy did the costumes and they were great. And little Billy wrote the script which I felt was trite, derivative, very slow and fell completely apart in the 3rd Act.


Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but it seems to me that when the giant that holds up the earth dies, we are screeewwwed.


This isn’t a game here, ok. This isn’t the NBA and my name isn’t Charles Buckley.


Or he’s just happy to see you?



Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk) is Yorick in Y: The Last Man:

Diane Lane (Unfaithful, Under the Tuscan Sun) is set to star in FX’s Y pilot, its long-gestating drama based on the acclaimed post-apocalyptic science fiction DC comic book series Y: The Last Man. Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk, The Killing of a Sacred Deer), Imogen Poots (Green Room, Frank & Lola) Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel, Bulletproof), Juliana Canfield (Succession) and Marin Ireland (Sneaky Pete, Hell or High Water) round out the stellar ensemble cast.

Keoghan is Yorick Brown, a young man quick to use humor to deflect from his problems who may be the lone male survivor of a worldwide plague.

Poots will play Hero Brown. A tough and confident EMT, Hero nurses a deep emotional trauma that often leads her to cross personal and professional lines.

Lynch is Agent 355, a Secret Service agent who performs the duties of her job with the utmost professionalism, even under the most unexpected set of circumstances.

Canfield will play Beth. A Brooklyn-based knife maker, Beth grew up on a farm and went to New York to experience the big city. She finds something endearing about the hapless Yorick and when they’re together, there’s the undeniable spark of two kids in love.

Ireland portrays Nora, the President’s senior assistant and right hand. She effortlessly balances family life with a job navigating the corridors of power.

Weird that they’re treating Yorick’s mother like she’s the main character, as a Designated Survivor thing. I barely remember her in the comic.


It’s been a while but I remember her being fairly important in the comic.


I think she was important to a story arc or two, but I’d definitely place her below characters like 355, Dr Mann, Hero and probably some of the Russian and Israeli soldiers that pop up throughout.



Tory scumbags!!
God damn it.


The best nomination:


How is it that Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris and Jeffrey Wright are lead actors, while Thandie Newton is a supporting actor?


They’re all coming back for the next season.