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Is one of the plot twists that they never really existed?
Cause, wow, that’d be a good one.



I watched the first series. It was beautifully shot and had great sound and music but the story was uneven at best. It felt like it needed to be tighter and have fewer episodes. Ultimately, the characters were not very likeable.

I’ll be skipping the new series.


The first season was one of he weirdest things I’ve ever watched. Super down for a new season.



Weirdest Batman show I’ve seen in a while.


I think Legion has inspired WB to do a more avant garde take on Batman.



I just saw a poster for an American version of this.






I wondered why they had them in the first place to be honest. Especially when they now make their own stuff, kind of nice when The Crown has a load of 5 star reviews but hard to promote another show when it’s got bad feedback.

Broadcast TV shows a lot of crappy movies but don’t advertise them as being bad. :smile:


First the star ratings and now user reviews.
Honestly, next the Thumbs will go too.

We’ll have to go back to shared community lists of what we like on it.




That frees up a bit more time.