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I kinda want her to have been killed off in suspicious circumstances, which leads Dan to become a crazy conspiracy theorist, until it turns out that she caused her own death in a farcical accident.



Autoerotic asphyxiation.



Trailer starts, ok, World of Darkness premise, I’m on board.
Oh, a towering love story that should not be.
And I’m out.


Yeah it looked nice but the dialogue was just cliche after cliche.


Yah. It looks like someone went, hey, let’s have something just like True Blood, only without all the fun.


It’s Twilight, but for grown ups.

And since the juvenile version pleased a lot of people I hope they enjoy this too.


So was True Blood, and as far as one can tell from the trailer, people should rather catch reruns of that than look into this thing.


It’s not all about nudity and blood Christian. Where’s your sense of romance?


In his sex dungeon with all the blood.



Seven seasons and they only had 96 episodes? That seems low.


It ran alongside Walking Dead so each season paired with half a Walking Dead season. What’s that, half of 14 or 16? So each season half whatever it was.



For never was a story of more woe
Than this of witch and her vampire-o.



Good cast so far, I’m very curious how it’ll turn out.