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Yeah, I thought Springer was in jail or rehab or something.


Like we didn’t know this was coming:


Yes, more Sara Gilbert.


I didn’t even know Crackle still existed but this looks like it might be fun.




They already got an entire extra season.

They didn’t use that to wrap up. What the hell?


It mostly wrapped up, plot-wise, but the cliffhanger was more of a “wouldn’t it be cool to see what happens next” thing. It works as an ending.


Is the season worth watching. I liked season 1 but didn’t love it. Is it worth another go?


Yeah, S2 was better. It suffers compared to the super-fun Legends of Tomorrow S3, but if you like time-travel stories, it’s definitely worth a watch.


I gave up after the first few eps seemed to go back to the episodic, but going to binge now.


The way Happy used that was brilliant.


Season One was fantastic.



That could work. Even the original short story felt like it was setting up a larger one.


Yeah, absolutely.

A Nightbreed series is a fantastic idea. I hope they manage to turn out something special.


I seem to recall hearing that Cabal was to be the first book in a trilogy. (Still waiting on Barker to finish the final Art book, the rest of the Abarat series, and the next Galilee book. And people think George R. R. Martin is bad about finishing things.)


True. Clive “I’m going to do a kids’ series with 12 years between Volume 2 and 3” Barker.


This is a fun little video of Hank Azaria talking about various roles across his career and the basis for some of the voices.

It also has, I think, the first confirmation from anyone on the Simpsons as to why Chris Collins (aka Chris Latta, the voice of Starscream, Cobra Commander, Wheeljack, Darkstorm and others) was dropped as the original voice of Moe and Mr Burns.