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I watched the first episode of Counterpart and without a doubt the best scene in the whole thing was just the two Simmons in a room talking to one another.


There are some great scenes with the two Howards in later episodes.

I really enjoyed the series a lot.


Yeah, it’s a really good series, but Simmons is definitely the highlight.



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That aired over here a few months ago. None of the reviews I saw were very positive about it.



Well that kinda puts things into perspective… maybe that wasn’t the guy she was refering to in her accusations… :smile:

I hope it doesn’t turn out that Dykstra was lying 'cause that’s a… wait for it… Dyk move… (sorry couldn’t resist)… No but seriously, if it turns out it was a lie, I hope she gets sued into oblivion or something… and if it’s true, then Hardwick should also suffer the consequences.

Anyways, what a clusterfuck… u_u


Those message don’t change or disprove anything though. There are plenty of people in abusive relationships that don’t see them as abusive at the time or still think they love and want to be with their abuser.


I agree, those messages mean very little. If anything I think it makes him look like more of an asshole. That’s the sort of pleading bullshit comes out of people’s mouths when they know they’ve been in the wrong.


The truth is we’ll never really know. I know she threatened some video/audio evidence which may change that but without that it all happened behind closed doors between them.

The messages don’t disprove anything for the reasons Rory explains but they do contradict her original piece that said he was the one trying to maintain the relationship and she shut him out. That doesn’t necessarily mean she’s lying or being malicious though, we maybe aren’t always the best narrators of our own lives especially when it’s stuff deeply clouded with emotion.



First-look image of John Malkovich as Hercule Poirot in BBC One’s The ABC Murders


I was a big fan of the Poirot books as a kid and this feels quite ‘off’ to me, but I can’t deny I’m interested in seeing what he does with the character.


I’ve liked all the Phelps adaptations so far, so I’ll be watching.


Yeah it’s not fussy enough (where as I found Branagh too fussy) but Malkovich is a great actor so I’m down to see his take on the character.






I’m more shocked it’s still on at all. I though that ended years ago.


Yeah seriously.