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So, I wasn’t sure today where/if to post the current situation with Chris Hardwick (read it earlier today, and it has been exploding in social), but by now it has reached all the trade websites.

If mods want to move it/split, etc.


More Toys that made us is coming


Oooh…Kamen Rider?
I mean, Super Sentai doesn’t get jack for actual figures anymore.


3? I guess they’re counting the split first season as two seasons as well. Weird. Still, yay for more!


Never liked Hardwick…He always comes across as fake in his podcasts and as far from “nerd” as possible…


Probably best for the relationship threat but I’ve known countless relationships to play out this way, men can be horrendous and insecure, but it also happens vice versa, apart from the sexual assault parts, which is ultimately where I find big issue here. I can completely understand why she stayed with him hoping he’d be at his best all of the time but unfortunately that never happens. It’s easy to look back in hindsight at the signs 2 weeks in but at the time the excitement of someone new and seemingly awesome covers the cracks.

While I don’t necessarily think the stuff outside the sexual assault is anything more than someone being highly insecure, I do think it’s always important to shed light on these sorts of relationships so people may see the warning signs quicker and walk away sooner.


Aye. I had been in an emotionally manipulative/abusive relationship and it’s pretty much shattered the last 2-3 years of my life.

I take it one day at a time, but it ain’t easy.


Kern was the subject of two internal investigations by CBS, both of which began in 2016, not long after his arrival at the show in January of that year. He also was the focus of a December story in which more than a dozen insiders described an alleged pattern of misogynistic bullying, racially insensitive comments and harassing behavior during his time at NCIS: New Orleans and stretching back at least 15 years.

In a statement, CBS says it dealt with Kern’s earlier issues. Amid the sexual harassment reckoning in Hollywood, the studio also has initiated a new independent probe to look into the claims against Kern both then and now. Kern has subsequently hired crisis management publicist Howard Bragman.

“By doing a new deal with Brad, CBS sent a clear message to all of their employees that emotional, mental and psychological abuse isn’t a fireable offense,” says one person who worked under Kern at NCIS: New Orleans and who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution. "As a consulting producer, Brad is still in a position to mistreat NCIS: NOLA staff members in the writers’ room and postproduction.”





Yep. Seems like Veidt has been using his strategy of an alien enemy continuously to keep things together.

I love that this is what they’re doing with the series; it is, I think, absolutely the best direction to go.

I am now officially excited.


YouTube is going global with its premium content service, making it available in 12 new countries including the UK and Canada. The Google-owned company is also launching its YouTube Music service worldwide.

YouTube Premium, which was formerly known as YouTube Red, will launch in Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden as well as in Canada and the UK today. The service will cost $11.99 per month after a free three-month trial.

The service will include a raft of original series including Karate Kid-spin-off Cobra Kai, F2 Finding Football and Blue Ant Digital Studios and Antenna Pictures’ The Sidemen Show, the latter which was first reported by Deadline last month.

I might sign up for the trial, but €12 a month is a bit much.

Despite the apparent name change, the URL is still






Fantastic stuff. That should be fun.


Adults only - tons of claret shed.




Which will last until the kid says something incredibly racist, of course.