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Looks like we’re getting a clearer picture of what this series is going to be…

It can probably be called “After Watchmen.”

If you look carefully at the newspaper, you can see a reference to something happening in 2017, so the series takes place in 2018 or later.

Presumably, this series takes place 30+ years after the events of the original graphic novel.

We can probably safely assume that most of the characters from original graphic novel are either dead or very old, so the death annoucement in the newspaper shouldn’t be too surprising.


The newspaper is dated Monday September 9, which suggests 2019.

Veidt is only “declared dead”, which suggests there’s some room for ambiguity.

I wonder what a ‘squid shower’ is, and why you need shelters for them. :slight_smile:


He’s not been seen since 2007, Dave, it’s time to let go.


It’s no coincidence that that’s when Zack Snyder started making his movie version. I know he has his detractors, but faking your own death seems like a bit of an overreaction.



I loved the animated series and the shorts from Liquid Television. I just don’t see MTV having anywhere near the budget to do a somewhat decent job. AF as an HBO series would be awesome, though.


Because live-action AF has such a great track record:




I just want another season of Scream Queens, Ryan!





Twist of the century


The devil made them do it.


It was a deal made in hell.



Ahhh that’s great news, and I think a good pick for Netflix… it’s a “cheap” show, and it seems to be popular… plus they already stream it…

Oh and since it’ll be on Netflix, maybe they’ll be able to go a bit more mature with it.

Well, that’s cool. Everything that was canceled that I was watching has been picked up by other companies… Lethal Weapon was renewed with a new lead, so we’ll see how that one goes…


They do not. It’s on Hulu in the US, Amazon in the UK. They have it in Hong Kong, Israel, and a few other countries:


Ye-es! I would like to see this continue - especially in the wake of the finale revelations. Although, if they do really follow through on that I can only really see two directions and one requires a major amount of nerve.

Which is? The redemption and forgiveness of Lucifer by God. The easier is just to have Lucifer go back to his bad old ways, tear apart his life on Earth, blame Dad and return to hell with a vengeance

I’d hope it doesn’t do the second option.


Ahh… then it’s a country-by-country thing… it’s on Netflix here in Mexico. Well I guess it’ll be on Netflix everywhere soon enough… if they picked up the rights to the previous seasons as well…