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I still miss Witchblade.



It’s ridiculous how much I’m looking forward to the new season of Preacher.

The Gondry thing looks great, too. Good to see Carey working again, too. At least I hope so. But Eternal Sunshine is his best movie really, so great hopes for all of this.


I’m pretty sure she was in my fantasy casting when this was first announced.


Damn, that’s a good bit of casting.

This sounds like it’ll be quite something, so long as the Beeb doesn’t wuss out over it like Hollywood did.


I’m really hoping Kidding turns out great. Especially after seeing Carrey’s interview for the Man on the Moon documentary. He just seemed to not give a damn about doing anything ever again. So I’m curious to see something he was willing to dive into. Add in Gondry and I was sold the moment I heard about it. The trailer didn’t disappoint.





Now to get around to watching S2 / S3.


Season 2 is the peak of the show.
I envy you.



That could be good, but I’m not immediately grabbed by a ten episode domestic drama that happens to have a mars mission separating people as it’s complication.


Very in-depth article on how Netflix chooses which shows to order, renew, etc:


TV has gone through major transformations in the past — cable and Rupert Murdoch’s Fox toppled the hegemony of the Big Three broadcast networks in the 1980s, for instance — but this leap dwarfs all others. Netflix doesn’t want to be a streaming, supersized clone of HBO or FX or NBC. It’s trying to change the way we watch television. Whether it can do that while turning a profit is another matter, given the more than $6 billion in debt it’s amassed during its expansion. But Wall Street seems optimistic: In recent weeks, its overall market capitalization has at times grown past $150 billion, surpassing Disney to become the most-valued media company in the world.




On Peter Jackson’s involvement in the LotR series:

I think you’ll see us honing in on a strategy in the next month, which might involve a group of writers. Clearly, there’ll be someone in charge, but it involves the estate and Peter Jackson, and there’s a lot of conversations.

DEADLINE: Is Peter Jackson involved in the series?

SALKE: The Peter Jackson conversations, right now we’re right in the middle of them. It’s like, how much do you want to be involved, how little? I know there’s been some discussion, and he’s even said some things, but as far as I’m aware, the latest is that we’re just in a conversation with him about how much or how little he would be involved.

Jackson has flat-out said he’s not involved:

“I’m not involved at all in the Lord of the Rings series,” Jackson told the French publication Allocine. “I understand how my name could come up, but there is nothing happening with me on this project.”


Neither of those two contradict each other. He says he’s not involved, which he’s not currently if they’re only having conversations with him right now about if he wants to be involved.