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Very Chas. Addams. Somewhat too colorful.


It’s kind of a shame Oscar Isaac as Gomez is being wasted on an animated version, but I guess he could still do it if they do another live-action movie.


If in a few years they do want to do it, he’d probably be a better fit with some age even.


I can see him (possibly) doing a version in person on SNL when the film comes out. :slight_smile:




And that new change is that Pink is the new Orange, thus pushing Black further down the chart of colour hotness.



Whether you are about English football or not this is a very interesting move in the world of TV. EPL is one of the most watched competitions in the world, probably the most, and Amazon are paying £90m (US$121m) a year to show just 20 of the 380 games each season.

It’s a change to what we’ve seen from streaming so far which is primarily scripted tv.


It’s a smart way to try and catch up on Netflix without a lot of original content.

If I’m honest though, my big problem with Amazon, and I have a feeling that this would be the same for a lot of other people, is that it constantly feels like they are trying to upsell to me beyond my Prime subscription. They need much better separation between what you get for Prime and what you have to pay for and/or the shopping site itself.


The story mentions BT paying an extra £90m for rights to 20 midweek games on top of their existing deal, but I’m not sure if that means Amazon are paying the same for their 20 games (if that’s where you’re getting that figure from). Unless I’ve misread it and the Amazon figure is somewhere else.


Ah okay, yeah that was my misreading. However football rights now are sold in packages of 20 matches to the highest bidder so effectively if Amazon won that section of games it would be in the same ball park as what BT paid for theirs.


It looks like the 2x10 Amazon games are going to be on mostly simultaneously though, so that should cost less than a match a week for 20 weeks or whatever BT has:

The US company will exclusively livestream all 10 Premier League matches over one bank holiday and another 10 during one midweek fixture programme, for three seasons from 2019. The value of the Amazon deal was not disclosed.


Fair enough but it’ll be a significant investment anyway. Their last 3 year deal in total for all the TV packages totalled over 5 billion quid and that’s just for domestic rights. It’s crazy money territory.


Absolutely. Their browsing system seems designed to turn off the “included with Prime only” filter option at every possible opportunity, and the catalogue of stuff you get with your subscription is pretty slim.


I know it’s really infuriating. If I’m honest I don’t mind that the catalogue on offer is small as I only get it for a couple of specific things but I hate feeling like I’m trying to get sold stuff any time I go to watch them. They really need to sort it out, part of why Netflix works is that once you’ve paid you’re looking around at stuff you know you’ve paid for and the service seems more than worth it for 2 quid a week or whatever it is.


I saw this show on tour and it’s well worth watching.



I was in sight unseen but this looks pretty damn good.