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I don’t know how these things work, but I doubt that the cast and crew of The Inhumans had the right to sue ABC when that series was abruptly cancelled due to poor review and poorer ratings. I imagine the networks reserve the right to cancel a show for whatever reason they choose.

Edit:… which is pretty much what steveuk said above, loooong before I said it. :slight_smile:



I basically can’t stand Booster Gold (he entered a very fine run of Jonah Hex and ruined that Nu52 series for me); but I’m a big fan of Ted Kord. Not as much as Jim, but I read Blue Beetle when he was Charleton Comics. Also liked Jaime Reyes pretty well, but same thing in that Nu52 run, as soon as they made Tony Bedard, Ig Guara and Ruy José move Jaime out of El Paso. Guess others thought the same, it only made 16 issues. Really was enjoying the cross-cultural stuff! But, no, no Booster movie. Maybe just a cameo where Batman punches him.


I’m just going disregard this and extricate it from memory, choosing instead to like your post based on its Blue Beetle content.


We all have our quirks!


Beetle doesn’t really work without Booster. They’re a double act.




Bryan Fuller Pitches ‘Pushing Daisies’ Revival To Replace ‘Roseanne’ On ABC

He’s already announced when he’ll quit the show if it does get picked up


Interesting that they’re recasting the two older siblings but keeping the youngest, who’s the one going to age out of the role the quickest.


Miqque, can you keep DC TV related posts and videos in the DC TV thread please? The current series of these shows haven’t finished in the UK (and possibly elsewhere) yet. We have specific threads for them for a reason.


Fingers crossed that this time it actually sees the light of day.


i recently watched an ep of Elementary where the actor who provides the voice for Dr. Venture played a role. Every time he spoke i pictured Dr Venture in his place.


Same here!




I just hope Laurie Metcalf gets some work!

(She’s on three other shows and a Broadway play.)



Lorimar - that explains a lot. One did not mess with Lorimar, back in the day.