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Fuck yes! Excellent news.


Yes very good news indeed… Now the only thing needing saving is Lucifer, and I’m set =P


I assumed this show was dead, but I’m glad it’s getting a proper ending.


I loved the first season and liked the beginning of the second even more but felt it had lost its way by the end. I’d be curious to see how they finish it out though.



You beat me by 30 seconds - 'cause I posted to FB first!

Bye! Don’t let the door hit you on your unfunny ass!

Next, cancelling the Big Evil Carrot!


As soon as I saw the headline about the tweets I wondered if ABC would have the balls to cancel her show. Looks like they did. Wanda Sykes dropping out of the show with the threat of other actors doing the same was probably the last straw that did it.


My wife had been watching the show and enjoying it but said when she heard about her comments. she was not going to watch it anymore. She was glad it was cancelled.


Ironic given that the show tried to depict Trump supporters as not being racist…Trumpism in a nutshell.


I suspect there will be a lot of backlash (especially from Fox News and the likes). Should be fun…


What’s next is the lawsuits. Breach of contract, loss of income - and that’s where the network starts. Consider the crew. Some poor schnook trying to run a camera for 16 hours a day, and a 13-episode gig evaporates. Most times, that would be cost of doing business. In this case, it is directly in response to the abhorrent actions of an individual.

We will hear about this for a long time.



Yup. Bandwagon Time!

Commentary from folks in the know (my Hollywood folks) have all basically said the same thing: What did you think was going to happen? These are mostly crew folks, so my concern is for those who lost an expected gig. Wanda Sykes apparently quit the production - although I’m not too sure how that works as a producer. I should think any “producer” would be more attached (legally) to the production than an actor. But this is one of those Byzantine Hollywood deals where everything gets interlaced and the only ones who profit are lawyers.

This is what needs to be done to racist thugs. I’m all out of tolerance.


Can the other cast members sue Roseanne for losing their jobs?


Probably in theory but it was the network who pulled the plug so they might have to sue them, too. That would probably cause way too much bad blood among multiple careers. Turning Roseanne into a pariah is probably the path of least resistance and makes everyone sympathetic to the cast and crew which will help their careers.


Shows get cancelled a lot.

It usually because of a drop in ratings (or because they never found an audience to begin with), but in this case the show was doing well, and it was dropped because of one person.

Legal questions may be being asked, but as Todd says, it would be a big deal to drag this out. Most people will probably choose to move on.


This one’s for @Jim:


To be perfectly honest, I’m not surprised Roseanne’s big mouth torpedoed the show. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.


That’s gonna be one sore hangover.


Wow. Absolute proof that WB still have their heads up their asses if they’ve scrapped the Booster Gold movie.