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I don’t know. Walters is in tears about having been treated horribly and everyone else (apart from Shawkat) is going out of their way to play down the incident.


Oh, I don’t mean that they are all behaving in a laudable way, just that it’s refreshing to see an interview where this stuff is discussed so openly and you can see all the different points of view. I admire Walter for continuing to be so forthright about Tambor’s behaviour being wrong and out of the ordinary even for the acting profession.


Oh, that didn’t take long.


Rockets and sex magic on CBS


I was just talking about Parsons last weekend. It was one of those conversations.



Hadn’t heard about him before, which is an astonishing failure on the part of all those comic books I’ve read, clearly.

The wiki entry makes for interesting reading. You’re thinking, wow, this is such a crazy life’s story, and then L. Ron Hubbard pops up… they definitely have enough material for a few more seasons, I’d say.


I’m sure I’ve mentioned Jack Parsons on here before. What are you doing not reading and indexing all my posts?


I always thought they should have done something with Parsons on The X-Files. His life was almost like a real life X-File.

I remember reading a theory about how the Roswell alien crash was actually a result of Parson doing Crowley’s Babalon Working, and it opened up a doorway that let the greys into our reality.




That business model is probably opaque to most consumers, who want to yell a tagline into a remote to watch an old movie one more time. I’m think @Mark_Millar is sitting in his castle rubbing his hands with glee like a young Montgomery Burns thinking how beautifully his business model fits into Netflix’ model. I actually expect to hear a bit of something about production starts or whatnot around the Magic Order launch. A week Monday, yes?


A lot of this isn’t rocket science. The same as subscription channels like HBO they aren’t as tied to ratings as advertising led channels but in the end if nobody can be arsed to watch it’s throwing good money after bad. Even the BBC which has an absolute guaranteed income regardless of viewers cancels shows every year due to lack of interest.

The metric is slightly different, they want subscribers, but that still relies on popular material. It may be in more specialist areas, Netflix have a very high subscriber base in the US, not so much in other countries. Europe being the prime market with 500 million high income potential viewers (high income in global relative terms). So they can carry on with ‘Gypsy’ that nobody much in the English speaking market cares about or make a buzzworthy show for the French or German market that has the 10 Euros a month flooding in.


This isn’t even close to being over. I think people are still learning what the new rules are, and those rules aren’t set yet anyway.


And as to rumors of a highly-anticipated return of The Venture Bros? Team Titmouse was tight-lipped in the interview, but Adult Swim has confirmed the new season will be out this summer.


Hopefully there will be yet another new Adult Swim UK broadcaster by then. They seem to go through a new one between each season.


That is the best news I’ve heard all year.



And now it has.

Thank the stars.

I wonder what that will mean for season 3 over here. Netflix released the first two seasons in Germany, but will they bother to acquire the third now that their rival definitely has the fourth season as original content?

(My secret hope is that amazon will acquire world-wide rights to season 3 immediately and release it as prime content earlier than netflix would have, because for seasons 1 and 2 that was only a year after release.)


If Bezos had not gotten The Expanse I think he would have done something terrible and supervillainish. Please! The man has rockets.