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Yes, Brubaker has talked about it quite a bit in his newsletter and the back pages of Kill Or Be Killed. It sounds like it will be a more personal and distinctive project than we are used to from many TV shows. I’m really looking forward to it.


Now they need to give us a release date!


Also, The Leftovers is one of the best shows of the 2010s, especially after it stopped being faithful to the source material.


The photography is as gorgeous as ever, and it has a real writer who knows his genre well.

With luck, this is the next ‘True Detective’, unlike the last ‘True Detective’.


Indeed. The Leftovers was brilliant stuff.



The cast is fine, and this may be a good show, but since it’s not Watchmen anymore, there’s not way to guess what we’re actually going to get?


I guess we’ll have to … watch?


Well I for one am looking forward to Clockguys.


Well it’s 2018, so it’ll need to be called Watchpeople.




I’m happy Adelaide Clemens was cast; I loved her in Parade’s End and Rectify.


A reminder that ‘Good Omens’ is still on it’s way;


I forgot this was happening.


The goblin is literally Bart


Perfect time for that Eric Andre memes bump.



It sounds like it’s got a lot of Futurama alumni, so it could be quite good.


The Arrested Development season 5 press junket seems to be going well.

No-one seems to be talking about the actual show, just how most of the cast are being assholes to a clearly upset Jessica Walter.


Malkovich is great but he’s also 64, which is about twice the age Poirot would be in the book.

That probably doesn’t matter, but it feels like an odd choice.


I think that’s a great interview actually. They’re addressing it all honestly and sincerely rather than hiding behind the usual PR guff.