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Looks like Expanse is going to end up at Amazon.


We can but hope



I’ve actually been fairly confident it will. Partly because of the way it is funded independently and also these streaming services seem to be looking for exactly this kind of content.

With a subscription model you don’t really need a show like Friends that generally appeals to the widest audience. You need ‘must see’ material across several groups. It may change over time but it’s why right now on Netflix, Amazon or HBO you don’t really see the medical dramas/family sitcoms/reality shows that rate so highly on standard TV.



The excellent Richard Osman’s House of Games is back for a new series from Monday and it seems to be a 50(!) episode run. They certainly went all in on that after its first series.


Lindelof’s open letter on Watchman:


OK, but he’s still a bad writer.


If it gets good reviews I’ll check it out I guess.


Wow that was a very long-winded way of saying they’ll just use the name and do something different :smile:


If you can’t sell them with your brilliance …


It’s very enjoyable, I can see it being upgraded to Saturday nights with much bigger stars. Osman himself is super watchable and makes it better than the concept. He’s affable and witty and charming but still has all these fly digs at people like a cheeky wee lad, it’s great.


If you have to explain the magic trick, you’re doing it wrong.


Nah, it’d lose the competitive edge being on just once a week. And its contestants are about the same fame level Pointless Celebrities gets.


You’re right. I just don’t want to have to endure more Theako.


Seeing Jamie Theakston for the first time since Live & Kicking was a real shock to the system.


For years me and a friend had worshipped The Theak, elevating his status to godlike deiety. Alas, our satirical love for Jamie blew up in our face when he turned out to come across as exactly the wankerish douchebag we expected.


Well, he’s apretty good writer of letters, I’ll give him that.

Seriously though, this won me over, for the moment. Not that I needed to be; I’m already interested enough, if the show should look any good.

As for his writing, none of his movies were particularly good, but he wrote some excellent episodes of Lost. So as far as TV is concerned, I’ll give that the benefit of the doubt, too.


Ohhhhh that’s the Brubaker/Refn thing, isn’t it?

I am very, very excited about this. Refn is one of my favourite directors, but his last movies showed him disappearing into his own head a little too much, I think, so him directing a TV show written by Ed Brubaker… hell, that’s like the kind of perfect team-up you usually only fantasise about.

I will be sorely disappointed if this doesn’t isntantly become one of my favourite shows.


I missed that trailer in all the Watchmen chat. Looks super stylish and I agree Brubaker and Refn are a potential dream team.