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Pay attention next time then.


Sure thing, as soon as you actually contribute something to the conversation worth paying attention to… next time.


I have zero interest in Thundercats but that man bun looks pretty stupid.


Very stupid yes… =P

Also, daaamn, they unlisted the video… Guess that wasn’t the response they were hoping for :smile:


News just in - Lorcan and Jacowboy are to settle things with a duel of manbags at dawn.


It’s not really a manbun, but rather a (mini) top knot.


Well I’m not any kind of authority on modern male hair fashion.

If any Millarworlders sport man buns or mini top knots, that is fine, I don’t mean to offend. It just looked silly to me on this guy.


They need to it in the honeymoon suite of a posh hotel.


Was that a slap fight? MicroSnort just excessively updated for and hour and a half.

This is because of the cartoon with the horrible art?


Well, if you don’t think the facts are worth paying attention to, I can’t help you.


Can you two get a room please?

The rest of us have TV to discuss.

Michael Douglas, Ava DuVernay, David Simon Board New Shows for Atrium TV

Atrium TV, the drama-commissioning club for pay-TV platforms and telcos, has set out a new slate that includes shows from Michael Douglas, Ava DuVernay, David Simon, and the producers of “Sherlock.” “Quasimodo,” which was shown to Atrium members last October, will also move forward, joining the already-announced moon-landing project “One Giant Leap” from veteran producer Mike Medavoy.

Atrium TV was created by former Sony boss Howard Stringer and Jeremy Fox and is owned by MTG’s London-based distributor DRG. It has members from different regions who are presented with projects that they can co-fund and market locally as originals. The members, including Televisa, Viaplay, BT TV, and Deutsche Telekom, gathered in L.A. on Sunday to get a first look at a new slate of projects.

The streets of San Francisco will look very different in Michael Douglas-produced “Silo,” one of the new shows in Atrium’s lineup. A high-concept drama, it will be set in a futuristic version of the city, where the haves live in gated communities and the have-nots live on the other side of the wall. Douglas will produce with Peter Horton (“Grey’s Anatomy”), who writes alongside Raelle Tucker (“Jessica Jones”).

Variety was the first to report that David Simon (“The Wire,” “The Deuce”) is working on a series about a battalion of Americans in the Spanish Civil War; it has now emerged that the show, titled “A Dry Run: The Lincolns in Spain,” is for Atrium. Mark Johnson (“Rain Man”) is attached as a producer, and Spain’s Mediapro (“The Young Pope”) will make the series.

“Sherlock” producer Hartswood Films and “Riviera’s” Foz Allan are adapting Boris Pasternak’s classic novel “Doctor Zhivago.” “Vikings” scribe Michael Hirst will pen the series, which the producers said would stick more closely to the original novel than the 1965 David Lean picture.

Ava DuVernay (“A Wrinkle in Time”) will helm “The Last Amazons,” a drama about the great mythical Amazon queens, their lives, loves and their major battles, notably against the Ancient Greeks. “Narcos” producer Gaumont will make the series, which Rafe Judkins (“Chuck”) will produce.

Moon-landing drama “One Giant Leap” from Medavoy has already been green-lit, and “Quasimido,” an adaptation of Victor Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” is set to be the second Atrium show to go into production. Ashley Pharoah (“Life on Mars”) is writing “Quasimodo,” and Tracey Scoffield, David Tanner (“The Frankenstein Chronicles”) and Frank Doelger (“Game of Thrones”) will produce. Peter Dinklage and Charles Dance, both of whom are also connected with “Game of Thrones,” will executive produce, but whether either will star in “Quasimodo” remains to be seen.





Now if we can somehow get Netflix to get the Obamas onto one of Millar’s projects, we might have us a teevee show!


I believe Michelle is playing the lead in the new Kick Ass series.


It was silly and stupid but it made me and Christel laugh so much. I’m going to miss it.


That’s weird, they announced it was renewed last week. I wonder what changed?


They didn’t. They said they hadn’t made a decision yet. They were apparently considering making it a multi-cam show.


They were also hoping Will Ferrel would guest in the season premiere (he’s an EP) to help create buzz. Per the article, he said he would guest but couldn’t commit to the premiere.


Looks good, hopefully S3 trailer will be as good as S2 trailer.