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It was the best Thundercats ever made.
But that’s faint praise.


Not really… the story was super boring (I started watching it and simply got bored and stopped), the cast choices were puzzling, the costume designs were bland, no cool villains like in the OG (or they didn’t get to them soon enough), no cool tank & fortress, etc… it was well animated though, better than the OG at times (though NOTHING beats the OG intro).

*Edit: Yes I realise the OG is pretty bad in terms of plot and other things, but there was a lot of material there to make a really neat remake… they kinda went another way =/


Sounds like this new show will fix all that.


Didn’t help that Cartoon Network purposefully killed it with shifting schedules and unbearable hiatuses.
I mean, come on, it had a fanbase but nothing could survive the treatment CN gave it.


Some of it, sure… at least they went with the core design elements, which s good… but that art-style is attrocious, tbh. And it’s probably gonna be a 100% comedy cartoon now, so it’ll depend on which kind of comedy and if it’s good.

That art-style is a deal-breaker for me though…


You should probably watch the video you posted


No need, once was enough…



Your prior post suggests that either you didn’t watch it, or once isn’t enough.


How about you elaborate your point instead of just being insufferable?


It honestly reminds me a lot more of “Star vs. The Forces of Evil” rather than Teen Titans Go - being a very simplistic art style, comedy, while also being lore focused and action oriented.


my point is actually pretty clear. If you look at the part of your post I quoted


So being insufferable it is then… :roll_eyes:


If the scroll wheel is broken on your mouse, you can use the up arrow key or the arrows and bar on the right-hand side of the screen to scroll upwards to read prior posts.


Just to further my point about the similarities to “Star Vs.” here is the intro to that show - which is actually remarkably similar to the new Thundercats intro.

The show is rather lighthearted but also knows how to be focused and dark when it needs to be. I see no real reason to act as though Thundercats will not be off the bat despite the video stating that they’re taking various pieces of the mythology into account.


Never heard of that show but it looks like a lot of fun. I like it when I’m around my nieces and nephews because it gives me an excuse to watch the things they’re into with them. I think some of them would dig that.


It’s a very enjoyable show that I’ve watched with my niece. It’s not as good as Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, but what could be?


Wow you’re so funny… oh wait no, that’s lame.

Also: You can repeat yourself all you want, I still don’t understand what your point was. Is it not a comedy? Did you hear something different in the video?

But hey, as always… good talk… or something I guess :+1:


The video said it wouldn’t all be comedy.


He says they’re also doing action, is that what you’re refering to? “super cool awesome action” or something to that effect? That doesn’t mean it won’t be a 100% comedy show, or even that the action won’t be comedic in nature. Being a comedy doesn’t preclude it from having action… two different things… =/

Oh and at no point does he say the show will be “serious” or a “drama” or anything else that would make it anything other than a 100% comedy show.

Wow, was that Lorcan’s point? Now I feel bad I even wasted my time… u_u