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‘Magnum’ re-invented by Justin Lin, via the Fast & Furious, looks wrong.

And I really enjoy the movies but that’s not my Magnum.

The old show had some suspense, but it was a lot more relaxed. It was about how lovely Hawaii is, but here’s some murder mystery to keep you awake, so it’s not just a travelogue.

That doesn’t mean the new show won’t be a hit, but I’m not interested yet.


The mention of 5-0 suggests it’s going to inevitably cross-over with Hawaii 5-0, which I suspect will keep it going a while.

I like Missy Peregrim (and Sisto and Dick Wolf) but FBI just looks like utter drudgery. I think she's better suited to something lighter.

I’ve never seen the original Murphy Brown (too young and I’ve no idea if it even aired in the UK). I was interested in the trailer for that revival until stock Millennial social media character appeared. It’ll be interesting to see if that takes off though.


Can’t wait till Jessica Fletcher shows up on the new Magnum. I’m sure she’ll be some tight 25 year old in yoga pants. That writes her novels on her iPhone.


It did as I remember seeing trailers for it. I Googled though and it was on the BSB station Galaxy so probably had about 12 viewers.


I remember watching it regularly, and I didn’t have BSB a a kid. Can’t remember if it was on RTÉ or a UK channel we got though.


Yeah could have been an Irish station or they moved it after BSB went bust. All I could find was it originally aired there.


Just looking at Galaxy and I didn’t realise it (and BSB’s entire broadcasting output) only lasted 9 months. Admittedly it got rolled into Sky rather than completely going bust, but that’s a shockingly short amount of time for a well funded broadcaster.

And they made a sci-fi soap opera! Anyone know if Jupiter Moon is worth checking out (even in a “so bad it’s good” way)?


It was on RTE according to this probably unnecessary article:


The fact that it had an answer to our dilemma proves its necessity!


I quite enjoyed Murphy Brown, I can remember it was one of the only things BSB had going for it when we my dad got it for the boxing, apart from the cartoons.

Of course, then Due South came along and BSB’s existence was thoroughly justified.


I had cable TV so they carried both Sky and BSB shows before they merged. Chris Evans was on their music channel (The Power Station if memory serves me well) before he was famous elsewhere.

My memories of Jupiter Moon are that it could only qualify in the ‘so bad it’s good’ category.


I forgot about that merger. My memory feels a bit convuluted now because I’ve forgotten about this for nearly 30 years. We couldn’t get cable TV, was there a dish that did both before the merger? I remember our dish was round, not square, but was grey as opposed to white.




No they were separate depending which dish, Sky was round and BSB square.

After the merger though there was a period the BSB channels still aired over Sky, some longer than others, as they merged into Sky channels so that would explain why you could have seen both with a dish.


This is helping me remember a little better. I think we maybe came in just on the cusp of them merging.


It’s kind of forgotten now because they are one of the most lucrative divisions of News Corp but Sky was also losing crazy money at the start due to the setup costs. I remember the headlines that it was shedding a million quid a day and predicting it may not last a year.

They limped along until they got the Premier League rights in 1992 and then the money started flowing in, not just from individuals but all the pubs that have to pay much more expensive subscription fees.


The Squarial!

I haven’t seen one in years, but they’ve only been removed slowly, as buildings have been renovated. I’m sure a few are still out there?