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Doesn’t your television have an OFF switch?


I just throw empty beer bottles at it.


Why would you turn Eurovision off?


Fix 4 u!


Only someone unfamiliar with Eurovision would say that


This will bring them up to episode 101.




I will be surprised if this lasts a full season.


Guess that explains why the negotiations for renewal were so protracted.


So it’s a more angsty Jumper then?.



Fox is swinging the axe hard today:


Making room for massive reruns of Rick & Morty.


Too bad, I enjoyed those shows. Though I’ll admit I’m surprised Last Man on Earth got 4 seasons.


I had fun with The Mick but it’s one of those shows I’m not heartbroken to see go.

I tried Last Man on Earth in the beginning and an episode here and there but never could get into it.



That didn’t look great.


It looks alright. It has the roughness of a pitch though, uneven tone and bunch of exposition…but I can see the potential in it.

The bazooka gag got me in any case.


As I posted last night in The Expanse thread, the series will end on SyFy with season 3.

Read the article and it’ll explain things.
Just wanted to say that its definitely not because a lack of quality. So frickin’ good. Everyone should be watching.

Really hope this gets picked up. It honestly deserves it.