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Nah, just riffing on a Bill Hicks line as over here, we’re all about Brexit now!


I’ve heard of and experienced production Hell; but losing two leads in two seasons is rather special. This would mean they have the agent for Spinal Tap. Now, how to cash in on this? Hmm? Aha! Season Three!


I’m pretty much that way and I also enjoy his comedy… so… now you made me feel weird :smile:

Oh and btw, I also like a couple of his movies (those I’ve seen at least), like the Invention of Lying… You should like that one if you haven’t seen it :wink:


We usually only live-chat for the final. I was gonna put the thread and stream links up in a day or two


Yeah, the semi-finals are just spoilers for the majesty of the main Eurovision event.


Ireland has made it into the finals for the first time in 5 years. I apologise in advance for what my nation will inflict upon us on Saturday.


Someone is pissed that their country is not being included in Eurovision:


Funny premise. It’s essentially the story of a man whose spouse dies and he turns into a person exactly like Ricky Gervais.


Gervais is a very talented writer (I read the script book for ‘The Office’, it’s meticulous and perfectly timed stuff), a below average actor and an irritating person (from what I’ve seen).

As for the “I don’t care if people don’t like me.” ?

He’s not casting himself (repeatedly) to hide his light under a bushel. He wants the attention and the praise.

As do all performers, but he’s pretending he doesn’t a bit too much.


I think he has to keep up that pretence as part of his persona. He has to pretend that he’s in a position to ‘say the unsayable’ and not care about having to suck up to people or be polite.

But no entertainer is really indifferent to their audience in that way.


Not at all, I think Steve’s looking at a different aspect in craving attention and wanting to be liked. For example boasting about your awards is obviously not the done thing and marks you out as conceited, and he knows that but does it anyway as part of the ‘character’.


Yeah, sure, that’s kind of what I’m getting at too. That public persona is a performance itself, an act of being ‘outrageous’ by not following those norms.

I first became aware of him on the 11 O’Clock show back in the late nineties, and even back then he was playing Ricky Gervais the character, saying ‘stuff you shouldn’t say’ and trading off that.

But as with a lot of similar acts it can sometimes be difficult to know where the performance ends and the reality begins. It’s no accident that so many of his ‘characters’ have so many similarities.



I loved The Edge of Seventeen, so I’m on board. I hope Craig gets to direct more movies though.



As an 80’s UK ‘Pop Star’ Gervaise was quite a bit better than average but you have to remember that, musically here, we are talking about a nadir in that industry where the bar wasn’t just low, it was subterranean.

It is a fascinating perspective on the propensity humans have for herd loyalty that those who experienced that era at a formative age are fiercely defensive about it. ‘80’s Rewind’ festivals are very popular in the UK in terms of turn out, however I suspect there is an element of siege mentallity involved.


He was completely unknown and a flop, Seona Dancing’s two singles got to numbers 79 and 117 in the UK charts. The only reason people know he was involved in that scene is ‘before they were famous’ clips and photos that take the piss.

He’s famous because people liked The Office.


And people liked The Office because it was really good.

Not everything Gervais does works. But some of his work is really funny. I enjoyed Office and Extras a lot, and he somehow manages to make cringe comedy bearable for me (I couldn’t watch more than a few episodes of Curb Your Enhusiasm).


Unfortunately, I’m visiting my sister this weekend for my niece’s Confirmation. Probably won’t get to make the Eurovision :cry:


You will be missed in the thread.

I need to get the booze in as I’m not sure I’ve got enough in the house to make it through Eurovision.