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Ricky Gervais being involved was a giveaway it’d be awful


It’s also a needless premise.
People do that all the time who aren’t suicidal.


I look forward to it. I like pretty much everything Gervais does and Lorcan be damned.


It’s very brave of you to admit to your horrible taste like that


I have a strange admiration for people who clearly don’t really feel any need to be liked. It’s the exact opposite of me and I wish I had more of it. It must be awesome I think. He has every opportunity to be more sympathetic and pulls it back every time, it runs so counter to how pretty much everyone thinks.

Honestly though I loved The Office and Extras, the shows with Warwick Davies were pretty good, Derek I really enjoyed from a writing standpoint (but his performance was bad), his stand up is okay but not great. Overall I enjoy his produce and part of my move in that direction is to admit it, even if it isn’t acceptable to the bearded liberals of Dublin!



I recently read a Facebook post that basically said “People are going to judge you no matter what you do, so you may as well do what makes you happy.” Makes sense to me.

Edited to add that I am somewhat embarassed to be citing something I read on Facebook. I blame the Delirium Tremens.


That’s the thing though, Gervais clearly does care about what people think, given he vanity searches for himself on Twitter, picks fights with people who criticise him, and then blocks them afterwards. And then he mocks those same people in his stand-up routines.


It seems it has worked to the extent you’ve watched his stand up routines and followed him on Twitter even though you hate him. :wink:


I’m not on Twitter, but have heard from friends who are, and have read articles criticising his Netflix Special.


I have read articles criticising pretty much everything.


I hope you’ll read my upcoming Medium one entitled “Welsh people have awful taste in comedy”


I don’t spend much time reading about things that don’t interest me.


I guarantee it’ll be written from a perspective of not caring what anyone thinks


I shall enjoy not caring about that.


Eurovision qualifiers are on RIGHT NOW and I don’t see a thead. What happened to this board?


Well, looks like we got ourselves… a European.


Are you sure you’re not Europooping?


Qualifiers are bullshit. I only ever watch the main show.