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That’s what it was really about though, his name was just subtext. I’m hoping for text as well.

And since the novel is really about the pre-civil rights era, the connecting thread isn’t even a scifi book, it’s the travel book. There is a scifi subplot that links many of the events, but it’s quite generically pulp magic/scifi, and deliberately so.

I suspect the show will be the same. Different in detail, but once they clarify why Lovecraft’s name is in the title, he and his creations will be left behind again.


Hm. Maybe. I do hope they use them more than that. You have the cult from the first episode in the novella, making them a proper Lovecraftian cult would actually be pretty good for a long-form TV series. You could get one or two seasons out of that alone.

On the other hand, proper Lovecraft is probably quite difficult to do in serial form.


It seems to be be quite difficult in any form except short stories and a few novels, at least very few people try on TV or in cinemas, and those that do tend to go off the rails or just in a totally different direction.

Even Guillermo del Toro’s ‘At The Mountains of Madness’ was going to be a radically different story to the original (based on the screenplay I read anyway).

Someone will get it right one day.


Yeah, I think there’s a reason why Lovecraft himself used short form. Most of the stories are about the discovery of what is going on, but the moment the protagonists discover the world of the Great Old Ones, the story ends pretty quickly for them. And that is kind of essential to Lovecraft, the cold hopelessness with which they are quickly crushed by the overwhelming horror of the true nature of the universe. Any longer form kind of has to take away from that.


May 29


Awkward to see Tambor in this. Was this filmed before his metoo thing started?


Yeah, Bateman hinted that shooting began like last January.
But after the accusations the cast released a statement that they’re standing by Tambor.


It must be odd to see a colleague you never had a problem with getting accused by others.


To be fair, it was only one person and seemed to be tied up in an acrimonious employment/firing situation.


There were a few separate allegations I think.


Speak of Tambor:


Huh, I was unaware of those other accusations. They definitely change things.


Funny enough, this popped up in my news feed today:


First off, we learned from Anne herself that Hannibal and American Gods exec producer/writer Bryan Fuller is no longer involved with the project as he “chose to move on” this past February.


I am astonished that Fuller lasted three years on Hannibal.


I am curious as to how this project will work. The first three novels in “The Vampire Chronicles” form a fairly tight trilogy, but after that, the series is all over the place.

Are we looking at a direct adaption of the novels, or is this going to be an original storyline inspired by the novels, taking bits and pieces and making telling an new narrative?

The title of the first episode, “Wolf Killer,” seems to allude to Lestat’s backstory in The Vampire Lestat.


I enjoyed ‘Bright’ I’m looking forward to a sequel.


I did not enjoy ‘Bright’ but with a better writer/script I do think the concept has potential.


I see Fuller leaving more shows during pre or early production as just making the whole process more efficient


That sounds awful.