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I enjoyed the book a lot, but I’m still hoping the TV version is it’s own thing,

My preferred version would use Lovecraft as more than just a mood title, but we’ll see what Jordan Peele and co. (who need no input from me) have come up with.





I would totally.


Netflix tweeted this response:







I guess Vogue was taken?




Paramount Network?


Formerly Spike, IIRC.



Well, there was the episode with the telescope and the space stuff. That was a bit more Lovecraftian. And Lovecraft was also central not for his Cthulhu universe, but as a representative for how difficult it must have been to love this kind of genre fiction as a black man. Given, you know, Lovecraft’s tendencies in that area.

But yeah, agreed. I’d like some more Old Ones. And I’d also like the TV version to be its own thing. After all, Ruff presumably also changed a lot of his original TV pitch when he turned it into a novel.

I think the central concept is brilliant for a TV series.