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I agree with the group; the idea is great, but it needs a major plot overhaul.

TV is an opportunity to do that.


She’s had different names in different versions, as well as sometimes no name at all. Mallory had two ladies of the lake (probably different people rather than one making a come-back, and I seem to recall it’s implied that there are lots of ladies of the lake) and one is called Nimue, which seems to be the name they’re using in this show.

Random comics connection: in the DCU, Nimue is Madam Xanadu.

Edited because I got interrupted and posted a bit of a mess first time :smiley:


Hellboy was killed by Nimue.


It is the ultimate example of the two Garth Ennises.

As to the casting, Urban’s a good choice - he can reel you in, win you over, then stick the knife in.


Well, I’m on-board


I have a theme tune ready for him.

Still the only number 1 single about the Spanish Civil War. :smile:


Do you think they were upset that ABBA got one about the Mexican Revolution in first?


The most important aspect of this adaptation is, of course, whether they keep this key scene from the novel:



Joe Hill clearly chanced upon one of the Superhero Fantasy League threads. :smile:


Yellow Hulk is clearly based.




Just start from scratch






God, how many Real Housewives can you have?


How many cities are there?