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Oh, do watch it, it is a fun episode and there is not much connection to the big arc except some mentions.

I still watch the show as a guilty something, I guess.


It’s still got a couple of great episode every season. I admire all involved in sticking with it. They’ve found a happy place, support a large crew and don’t want to break up a good thing for self serving reasons. That’s very rare, and in comes through in the decency of the main cast.


This is why even though I’m behind I’ll still catch up. I remember I absolutely loved the episode shot completely from the Impala even though I snoozed through a couple of episodes around it. There’s a lot of homely charm in that show, it’s a nice warm blanket of entertainment.



Is Gormenghast really as big of a deal as they’re making here? If so, how have I never heard of it?


I’ve heard of it, but a lot of that was due to the publicity for the BBC adaptation in 2000.


Neh, not really.

There’s a school of thought that it is better than LOTR in terms of a litarary accomplishment. I don’t agree, personally. I will say that it’s very different. It’s kind of just a gothic story for the first couple of parts before it branches out. I do think in Gaiman’s hands it may be very safe; iirc I read in an interview it’s his biggest inspiration.

I will also say I read them as a kid so my memory is hazy and there was a lot that may have went over my head.

Edit: One of the reasons you may not have heard of it is that the author died before completing it. I think it has since been completed, however.


Opening that one, are we? Follows Titus Groan by Mervyn Peake, one of a trilogy-plus, incomplete. First two came out about the end of WW2 - influenced a lot of folks coming of age at the time. Mike Moorcock among them, and he worked with Peake a bit (when Mike was starting to edit magazines and such). Very deep, very dark, rather like crawling about intestines while trying to hold on to the plot.

Read the Wiki pages about Peake, be enlightened. Do not compare to Tolkien, totally different background of influences.


Ya. I was considering at least trying the first book after reading that article. Reconsidered after reading more about the series. Probably not for me.


Dense and obscure in many ways. I found it like wading through a bog.


Did this get posted already? I was just reading about it again today.


I’ve seen it around yeah.

Sounds cool. good for Frank,


Has the Lady of the Lake always had a name or is something new for this story? I’m quite intrigued as the swords are what fascinated me about the Arthurian legend as a kid.


I’ve heard the name for ages.

Might be a more recent thing, but it’s been around.


I imagine like all these stories there have been lots of variations over the centuries. Looking forward to this one (and the book).




Couldn’t they just recast?


The production of American Gods series 2 is definitely Hold my Beer: The TV show. There’s gonna be a tell-all book in a few years which will be dynamite


Bryan Fuller probably will be announced as s co-writer, but he will leave the project around the middle of its writing, to write a tell-all book about Discovery.