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Gravity Falls is finally coming out on DVD!


Anna, Baca and Melba are the new POV characters in the book.


Oh Baca is completely different from what I pictured in the book then.



Damn it, why can’t we have nice things!

Really hoping Netflix will come through on this.


Hopefully with a new pilot.


I’d love to see a comparison of the show’s two pilots at some point.



The classic comedy returned on Tuesday to 18.2 million total viewers and a 5.1 demo rating (across its double-episode run), easily marking this TV season’s biggest launch — besting even Young Sheldon‘s premiere, which did 17.2 mil/3.8 leading out of Big Bang Theory.

Suffice to say, Will & Grace‘s own revival launch (10.2 mil/3.) trails far behind, as do the series premieres of The Good Doctor (11.2 mil/2.2) and an NFL-boosted The Orville (8.6 mil/2.7).

ABC notes that Roseanne returned to an audience larger than its final 12 telecasts of the original run’s 1996-97 season, while that 5.1 represents a 3-1/2 year high for any comedy on any network.

I assume this means even more revival attempts.


Come on Early Edition


One of my professors in college created that show. He pitched it by creating a fake newspaper that said OJ had confessed dated for the next day, brought it to the meeting and then just left it out while he spoke to the executives until one of them noticed the headline.


Give him my thanks.

I loved that show as a child.



I have pitches for Cheers: The Hipster Years and M*A*S*H I*R*A*Q if any networks are interested.

Also, for the real oldies among you, an updating of the animated sitcom classic Wait Till Your Father Gets Off The XBox.


There’s actually a Gundam series that’s often described as M * A * S * H but with giant robots. The characters are pilots rather than doctors, but the attitude towards war and how it effects people are similar.


How I Skyped Your Mother


A friend once pitched me (in a pub, where such conversations often occur) a reboot of ‘Poirot’ where he would be a young hipster in the modern world. Like the original he would be an ex-soldier who had (pop psychology) responded to the pressure of war, including the dirt and blood and even the uniform by becoming detail orientated (obsessive?) and meticulous about his appearance, but also a great detective.

I thought it was a brilliant idea, but I have no connection to the Christie estate and I think hipsters are on their way out now.


I’ve read the first book, and the second is in Mount TBR right now, it’s a really interesting story. I kinda hope they film on location in China and do it in Chinese, the glimpse into a culture we know so little of here was fascinating.


I couldn’t get into the first book. I felt like it lost something in translation, some flair of language.


I don’t watch the show but this feels like good casting. He looks the part and he’s also shown good range as an actor in the various things I’ve seen him in.