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Reggie Watts is fantastic when he isn’t avante garde. Some of his weirder ideas are just weird ideas, though, and he can’t seem to bring the comedy out if them. I think he’ll make a great presenter if he relaxes on that stuff.


Freddie Who more you mean… haha ha ha… ha… ahhh


His role in Tour de Pharmacy was such a comedic tour de…force that he skyrocketed in the comic community.


I know Berlant and Funches, and I know Lampanelli by reputation.

Highmore’s a lucky get for them, as he filmed the show long before The Good Doctor, which is doing very well ratings-wise.


In a genuine answer to the question he’s a comedy writer in his spare time. I think he’s been turned down for a few pilots. He’s maybe been touting one to comedy central.

Talking about comedy central, out of curiosity, does anyone watch Nathan For You?


I need to rewatch that and Seven Days in Hell. They were funny.


Is that the stupid business consultant thing? I tried an episode (poo flavour ice cream) but it did nothing for me.


That one I turned off, but everything else I’ve seen I’ve enjoyed. I laughed a lot at the antique shop one and the tv shop one, I thought they brilliant clips. There’s a few that were a bit uncomfortable but still funny but those two clips I thought were worth downloading the first series to see more.


Not really a big fan of video games being made into films and tv; they tend to be gimmicky and the stories are thin.

That said, I’d love to see Bioshock get made into a tv series. There’s actually an interesting story in there, and that it’s a big pisstake on Ayn Rand/Objectivism is a big plus.




The gap between me and critics continues to grow.


Looking at the critics score versus the audience score also shows the uselessness of Rotten Tomatoes.


I think we’ve gotten very much to a world where shows thankfully get more time to gestate for audiences… networks know they have Netflix and streaming as a solid revenue for the future so you can let shows go longer even if they are critically panned. People don’t seem to care about critics now, they have much more respect of what they enjoy as they have so much choice at their fingertips. A show like The Orville would have been a disaster even three or four years ago because it was panned, but because it works as something enjoyable and light against all the heavy drama being produced, audiences have a place for it and critics aren’t even thinking about that side of things. In fact, a show like The Orville would have probably sat very much in the opposite ten fifteen years ago with critics loving it and audience crying out for stuff with more meat.

It’s a little depressing to think of how many amazing shows wouldn’t have been cancelled before their time if we had Netflix in that period.


Cable (premium and basic) have been very good about giving shows complete seasons for some time. It may only last one season (RIP Terriers) but at least it was a full season.

Networks still will cut something if the ratings are terrible from the start or crash as it continues but I think if there is some buzz with it, they will try to finish the season.

Networks have finally wised up that a season doesn’t have to be 20+ episodes. A run of 13 or less episodes will have a better chance of completing.


I think there’s actually an inherent problem with a TV series in that model.

Critics for TV will be hugely weighted towards reviewing the first episode, which is what the publications always want. If I recall here some fans were a bit iffy with The Orville to begin with but became bigger fans as it went along, which is hardly unusual for TV shows (Buffy for example was pretty awful when it started). Some may be rating it today after having caught up. At least with a movie all should have seen the same 2 hours to provide a fair comparison.

As someone involved in the past in online opinion gathering you also have to be very aware of the element of self selection. A large element of those giving a rating will do so because they really like something. I’m not going to give a rating for Taken because I have no interest in it at all so will just ignore it but a critic has to watch something they may have no interest in and give their views as an inherent part of the job. Which is why in most cases the audience score is higher (special cases like The Last Jedi noted).


I really like this show. Rita Moreno is excellent (obviously).




I honest can’t remember who the new characters this season are in the books.