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I predict it breaks all ratings records and people tune in to find out which one that is.



I actually kinda want to see that.


*excluding the US, which is following later in the year, + not all titles will be available at the same time in all territories. Check your local Netflix listings for full details.



Alright, going the opposite direction is pretty much the only way this premise could have been interesting. Glad it went that way.



I really enjoy A.P. Bio. I would prefer he go back to Sunny, but I can’t really blame him.Twelve seasons is a decently long run.


I liked Always Sunny, but eventually the jokes become too familiar. If Howerton quit it, maybe it is time for the others to follow suit.


I watched the first three episodes of it and was disappointed. It was basically Dennis as a teacher except he had no strong counterbalance. The rest of the characters felt weak in comparison.


Tried for a Head of the Class thing, but nobody was smart enough to write it (or should I say let it be written) that way. Smart comedy gets dumbed down. Dumb comedy rarely gets smartened up. Saw that coming from the trailers. Glad you confirmed!


What do you think of The Mick?




Terrific news! Happy for Kurt, Alex and Brent!

Hope Kurt gives Brent more chain liniment!


There has been some discussion of the movie adaptions of video games. Looking like someone is aiming for TV.



Huh, interesting… they hired the guys behind that indie series… I watched that, they did a decent job even though you can clearly see it’s as indie as it gets. But it was a good effort, probably the best so far… In fact they were already supposedly working on the sequel for years, so I guess they should get the money and ressources to go faster now…



That looks fun, though I’ve heard of none of those comedians and don’t really understand why Freddie Highmore’s in there.