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What did they expect putting it on against Blue Planet?


There was a smattering of intellect in that show - can’t have that!


Absolutely, instead they’ll spend all their time on cheap brainless fodder like Blue Planet.


I really enjoyed the first season, but haven’t made much of a dent in the second yet. Glad to see its coming back though.




Something something Mulan nugget sauce.


I’d, er… hold off until S3 comes out.





The real question: Will we ever hear Bortus sing!?!?

You know you want to see it! We almost saw the self-proclaimed great singer belt one out during a karaoke session before he was interrupted. But good news!

“We will prove or disprove whether he can sing or not,” Macon says. Sounds like a yes to me!


Color me interested.


I like that, too. Thought at first ('cause I forgot the GRRM in development) it was a serialized version of the Stephen King short story (and film with Miguel Ferrer). That one could work, too.


If he ever returns, I hope they throw Rob Lowe’s character in a black hole.


The black crew member first.

He was 100% in the wrong in the Majority Rule episode.


200% wrong really, remember that we later discover he is actually A GENIUS all along.


A black hole is too good for him.


“Cupid’s Dagger” is the one episode I wish they had never done. Characters were basically raping each other. That was a horribly written episode.



That could be uncomfortable viewing.