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FX has given a pilot order to Devs, a drama from Alex Garland, the award-winning writer-director of sci-fi thriller Ex Machina.

Garland wrote and will direct the pilot, which he will executive produce with Ex Machina and Annihilation collaborators DNA TV and Scott Rudin Productions.

In Devs, which will be produced by FX Productions, a young computer engineer, Lily, investigates the secretive development division of her employer, a cutting-edge tech company based in San Francisco, which she believes is behind the disappearance of her boyfriend.




We’ll he was the bigger name, surely it makes sense that he would get more money. People would probably tune in because Doctor Whos in it. I don’t think Foy had done anything of note beforehand.


That’s the way the entertainment industry works. The bigger draws get the biggest paychecks. Usually; I’m sure there are exceptions.


People watched ‘The Crown’, not ‘Prince Phillip and The Queen’, or even ‘That Bloke who was Dr.Who until 2013, and in one of the ‘Terminator’ sequels, plus someone playing the Queen’.

She got paid less because that’s the habit in the industry; guys get more money.


He’s a supporting actor who gets significantly less screen time than she does. It would make sense if he was paid more than the other supporting actors but not the shows lead.



This is why Rhodey was recast between Iron Man 1 and 2. Terrence Howard got a bigger paycheck than Robert Downey Jr. for the first film, and when the producers wanted to alter this for the second movie, he pushed back.


That’s not a comparable situation though. Howard was the first actor cast and so got a sweetheart deal. By the time the other actors were cast and signed at lower pay rates Marvel was unable to renegotiate Howard’s contract. Jeff Bridges, who was a bigger name than Howard and had more screen time, got paid less than him or RDJ.


Plus RDJ wasn’t exactly a hot property before the first film.


He was the bomb in U.S. Marshals


U.S. Marshals filmed not far from where my wife and I grew up. They made the whole place look like the bayou or something. It was really weird.

They actually sold the plane used for filming to a nearby business who sunk it to allow people to dive through it.


Who’s Claire Foy?


You can’t miss her, she’s the one getting paid less than Matt Smith despite wearing the crown in ‘The Crown’.


I like Matt Smith, but Phillip is the worst part of The Crown. He’s fine in small doses, but whenever the show focuses on him, especially in S2, it’s at its worst.


I disagree. I liked him the most, and felt that Matthew Goode was pretty much wasted as a character.
But it’s still silly cause he’s not the Queen, really. It’s not a good look.


I think it’s kind of fitting as real life Phillip is a massive bigot.


I thought Clara Oswald was playing the queen?


She’s playing Queen Victoria in an ITV show


Oh, that’s not “The Crown”?

Ok, I can stop trying to figure out who the heck this “Philip” is they’re talking about :sweat: