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I cannot see Clarkson being a good quiz show host.


I just saw an article expressing the same view:


Clarkson has always wanted to be an chat show host. That’s where ‘Star in a Reasonably Priced Car’ came from. He’s perfectly capable of being genial when he wants to be, but will he want to be? Or does he think the old ‘Millionaire’ format needs a dose of ranty Clarkson?

I gave up on ‘Grand Tour’ but I do still keep an eye out for history shows, he does those very well.


More His Dark Materials:

Playing Lee Scoresby, which could work. He was Sam Elliot in the movie.


As long as the meals are hot and on time.


That’s genius :laughing:


In a rather unprecedented move for prime-time television, ABC has decided to indefinitely shelf an episode of Black-ish due to “creative differences” between the network and the sitcom’s creator, Kenya Barris. Per Variety, the politically and socially charged episode, titled “Please, Baby, Please,” was originally supposed to air on February 27, but was pulled from the schedule a week prior in favor of a rerun episode. Specifically, the episode features a narrative that primarily follows Dre (Anthony Anderson) who has to care for his infant son “on the night of an intense thunderstorm that keeps the whole household awake.”

Dre reads his son a bedtime story to keep their minds off the storm, but ends up improvising another story that “conveys many of Dre’s concerns about the current state of the country.” Additionally, there’s a scene between Dre and his oldest son Junior (Marcus Scribner), where they argue about the rights of athletes if they choose to kneel during the national anthem at football games.


I wonder if it’ll end up in foreign syndication like that abortion episode of Family Guy that FOX dropped.


Fox released that episode of FG on DVD.


I can imagine that the service providers will be hit with protests and calls for boycotts, which in this case I would gladly support.


I might actually watch a Scientology network every now and then for shitzngiggles.

Otherwise, I’ll just take it out of my custom channel list like I do all of the other useless crap like shopping channels, religious channels, foreign language stuff, and Fox News.


I hope they broadcast a dramatization of their mythology. That would be awesome.


It’s not like they can fill their schedule with any reality shows.


Daily showings of Battlefield Earth, Welcome Back Kotter reruns, the Mission Impossible movies, and this music video:


Battlefield Earth 24/7


I actually, weirdly, have a fondness for that episode.

Just for the sheer crazyness of it.


That is genius!



Joy… effing joy. Amazon already makes me nervous the way they leave packages next to the house. Now I’m going to be extra paranoid.