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Parker Posey as anyone in anything stands out to me. I was already interested but that seals it.



I’ve not heard of Kevin (Probably) Saves The World (no UK broadcaster, typically) but hey, it’s giving some closure to Reaper!


Looks good. I’ll definitely watch this, I love the novel.

Also, it’s a good opportunity to soon finally read Fahrenheit 451 in the classroom. The Truffaut version is great, but not exactly the kind of movie that will engage 16-year-olds these days.



From Taylor Sheridan:


Can’t wait!



The accusations are interesting;

Franklin has been accused of being verbally abusive to staffers and making inappropriate statements in the writers’ room, including making sexually charged comments about his personal relationships and sex life. Franklin has not been accused of directly sexually harassing or engaging in physical misconduct with any staffers.

According to a source, “Fuller House” staffers also complained about Franklin’s habit of bringing women he dated to the set and sometimes giving them bit parts in the series.

I think that being verbally abusive should be grounds for dismissal, or suspension at least. If you can’t manage a team of people without being abusive you’re not qualified for the job.

“Sexually charged comments” is more subjective. I hope that was investigated properly.

Nepotism is nothing new. I’m actually surprised it’s even part of the story. It’s unfair, but so widespread that it would be unusual if it wasn’t part of the entertainment industry.


It seems to be included more as a part of a pattern of behavior that had sexual component that was making people uncomfortable. It wasn’t like he was giving jobs to friends and family members but specifically women he was sexually involved with.


A distinction, but not one that makes it worse IMHO.

Hiring people for any reason other than suitability for that job is wrong. Hiring a relative is not better (or worse) than hiring a lover, and if you’re the company picking up the tab for their salaries, it’s actually something that should always have been investigated.

But it’s not aggressive, and aggression has been the defining factor until now.

Unprofessional, non-aggressive, selfishly motivated mismanagement is something else. No less deserving of investigation and disciplinary action, but quite separate from the other stories we’ve seen recently.


Pitch reel for a digital series from Amy Jo Johnson about a washed up actress having to resort to appearing at comic cons (totally not based on a true story).

It looks good, but I worry that it’s quite close to the premise of Alan Tudyk’s Con Man (which I’ve not actually seen, due to its ridiculous platform exclusivity).


Hear we go again:

Terry Pratchett fans may want to stay close to a television screen over the next couple of years after his comedy fantasy book series Discworld became his latest work to be snapped up for a small screen adaptation. BBC Studios is developing a six-part series based on the long-running epic novel series.

I hear that Simon Allen, who has written series including Strike Back, The Musketeers and Sky’s forthcoming reboot of Das Boot, is writing the series, which has a working title of The Watch. BBC Studios is looking to set up the show as a returnable franchise. No broadcasters are currently attached but the production arm of the British public broadcaster, which is now free to sell to all third-party broadcasters, is eyeing the adaptation as a major international co-production. It is co-producing the series with Narrativia, the production company founded by Pratchett in 2012 and now run by Rod Brown with Pratchett’s daughter Rhianna and his former business manager Rob Wilkins.

The BBC being involved hopefully means this one will actually happen.


Hmm. If it was animated, I’d be up for it, but live action… I don’t think Discworld can be properly conveyed in live action. Those Sky adaptations all looked pretty ropey.


Me neither! But judging from last season, I will have to, given how long it took Netflix Germany to get this.



One of my favourite books of 2017, but I’d have preferred it as a movie rather than a TV series.