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Jesus, Tim curry got roped into that??




But why?


Because Stephen King is pissed and would very much like it done properly.


He has Castle Rock!


Which could be barely passable.
We don’t know yet.


And he had Idris Elba and Matthew McConnowobble, and that didn’t help!


Castle Rock could go either way, but the previews and trailers don’t do much for me. If King’s name and the title weren’t attached to it, I doubt I (or many other folks) would even notice it.


They’d probably be best served if they divorce the TV show from the movie completely. It’s not like many people saw that thing anyway. Just pretend it never happened and try again.


Isn’t that the plan?

God I hope it is.


Oh, I have no idea. I just know they’ve been talking about a TV series in conjunction with the movie for ages so I haven’t the slightest clue how they’ll approach it.


I predict that Castle Rock will be that breakout hit of the year.

Then again, I predicted that Hillary would win the 2016 election.


It’s still great material for a TV show. I hope it gets done, and gets done right.



Stephen King’s The Bone Church Headed to Television

The world can’t get enough of Stephen King stories as Deadline reports Chris Long and David Ayer’s Cedar Park Entertainment has picked up the rights to The Bone Church, a narrative poem first published in 2009.

The poem tells the story of a bar patron who tells anyone that buys him a drink about the doomed expedition into the jungle he took part in. “There were thirty-two of us went into that greensor, and only three who rose above it,” he says in the poem, before recounting brief details on the expedition and its outcome. You can read the full poem by clicking here.

Long previously executive produced the TV adaptation of the King novel Mr. Mercedes which airs on AT&T Originals.


Spoilers of course, if you read the poem.

I just did. I can see that it could be adapted into a TV series, but how much they’d change is the question?

There’s a lot of characters who just get a brief description and how they died, and many more who are barely get a mention.

But a (largely) doomed expedition is a strong thread to build on.



Hate the book but that cast looks pretty great. I’d give this a try.


I’m surprised! I like Bradbury - even gave him a ride home once. What’s with you and Montag?