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Major West;

Not a Major this time I think?


Hopefully he commandeers the title through swagger.


Yeah, I liked it, too. Good cast - including Gary Oldman doing his thing, which is always great - and it was fun for what it was. Also, I liked the 440 variation on the theme song.

I hope this show is good. It’d be cool if there was a family sci-fi show I can watch with the kid - Discovery is more enjoyable to watch when you’ve got a bit more genre precursors under the belt, I think, and stuff like The Expanse and Altered Carbon… well, it’ll be a few years.



I always loved Tambor, going back to his TV stuff in the eighties and nineties, and I would always notice him when he would pop up in movies.

It’s a shame he has turned out to be a terrible human being.


Four new series of Taskmaster, each of ten (10!) episodes. Nice. Next series will have Asim Chaudhry, Alice Levine, Liza Tarbuck, Tim Vine and Russell Howard.


Interesting that there’s no James Acaster, who I think has mentioned that he’s already filmed tasks. Horne has said that they sometimes film the tasks over many months, so I guess there’s no problem with filming the seasons simultaneously.


I think 4 and 5 were shot simultaneously. Given the disparate nature of of filming tasks, it would make sense to concurrently shoot multiple series.

Acaster will be a fun contestant. And I think Liza Tarbuck will be a lot of fun too (and probably win her series).


I love Taskmaster so this is great news. Hoping to get audience tickets at some point.


A friend of mine was in the audience for the last series and said it was a great recording to go to.




New Phoebe Waller-Bridge show:


I was really excited for this until I found out it was live-action. A friend of mine (Todd Ireland) is a co-writer on it. I tend to support the things he works on. I will still watch this but it will likely disappoint.

Not as disappointing as Sucker Punch was. He worked on that too and it looked friggin incredible in the trailers. Turned out to be a steaming pile.


I loved ReBoot when I was a kid. I don’t know why they didn’t just do an updated version, rather than whatever the hell this is.


It does seem like a bit of an odd decision. I liked the silly humour and weird offbeat homages of the original, and the designs were pretty great for their time. There doesn’t seem to be any of that here - it looks more like a new Power Rangers series.


Some insider source has said that they pitched an updated version, but no one bought. So they added the teen element and that got the ball rolling.


Actually reminds me of:


Just wow.


Christ, I forgot all about that.


‘L.A. Confidential’: Brian J. Smith To Star In CBS Drama Pilot

Sense8 alum Brian J. Smith is set as a lead in CBS drama pilot L.A. Confidential, based on James Ellroy’s classic noir novel. It comes from Arnon Milchan, producer of the acclaimed 1997 L.A. Confidential movie; CBS TV Studios; New Regency; and Lionsgate TV.

Written by Harper and directed by Michael Dinner, L.A. Confidential follows three homicide detectives, a female reporter and a Hollywood actress whose paths intersect as the detectives pursue a sadistic serial killer among the secrets and lies of gritty, glamorous 1950s Los Angeles.

Smith will play Detective Ed Exley, the lead role played by Guy Pearce in the 1997 movie that earned a Best Picture Oscar nomination. Cold (though not without a conscience), obviously brilliant, authoritative and fiercely ambitious, Ed Exley is a uniformed L.A. cop when the pilot story begins. The son of Preston Exley, former hero detective-turned-real estate developer, he is determined to make his mark and to become a hero in his father’s eyes. Competing against the memory of his deceased brother, his father’s favorite, Ed will do anything to prove himself. He wants nothing more than to make detective and is single-minded in his pursuit. Smith joins Walton Goggins, who was cast as Det. Jack Vincennes this week.


I think the film version was close to perfect. The last ten minutes of explanation let all the air out of it, but up until that point, I like it even more than ‘Chinatown’ which is saying something. It’s right up there with ‘The Big Sleep’.

I want the TV version (different as it will inevitably be) to work.