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Where’s his mustache?


Latinos don’t need Mustaches.

How dare you! :wink:


Oh, I see a whole bunch of people online getting salty over this.


I like it.

He’s got a good look to him.
Just keep that Bellasario charm.


Someone lied to you.


Nah, 90% of the time the only ones that look good are those pencil thin ones.
And who wants a Magnum PI with a pencil thin?

I think the actor is good and the lack of “immigrant twist” PR is encouraging.


Whatever about Jordan and Coogler, she was the best part of Fruitvale Station.


I know what you mean.

A female Higgins? That is just WRONG!!!


Worked for Elementary.


Looks like the His Dark Materials series is finally happening:


Created by Bojack Horseman supervising producer Lisa Hanawalt, Tuca & Bertie is a comedy about the friendship between two 30-year-old bird women who live in the same apartment building: Tuca, a cocky, care-free toucan (voiced by Haddish), and Bertie, an anxious, daydreaming songbird.


TV’s new Spellman family is one step closer to completion with the casting of Sabrina’s Aunt Zelda. Australian actress Miranda Otto, whose small-screen credits include roles on Homeland and 24: Legacy, will play Zelda Spellman in Netflix’s still-untitled Sabrina the Teenage Witch project, TVLine has learned.


Netflix’s still-untitled Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Uh, I hate to point out the obvious, but… :confused:


Look, we keep telling you Deep Purple is not an appropriate title for this show.


It’s probably going to be called: “The Adventures of Harvey and Salem”.
Just like the previous show should have been.


Call it “Emerson, Lake and Palmer” or STFU.


Why would you call it STFU? Sabrina The Funny Underdog?


I would definitely watch a show called Sabrina the Fuckup.


I think we all would.