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You have to watch the special for that.


Since the show is debuting on Valentines Day, I think that is a good omen.


Or a bad one. Most married men would be home with their wives on that day, not on Netflix performing a special.




How about every single one that’s not just starting their first or second season?


Happy Valentine’s Day, Parker and @njerry:


Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Chris Rock says he wasn’t ‘good’.



Today is a big anniversary for Red Dwarf fans.

On this day, 30 years ago…

And there’s a nice little retrospective feature on the official site, here.


This came up on Twitter about it too.


Which they famously adhered to in the Smegazine comic strips.


There’s apparently a new Blu-Ray set of the first eight series coming later this year. I wonder if they’ll be tempted to tweak it again (or they might have learned their lesson after the ‘Remastered’ debacle).


Hmm, but Kryten is calling Rimmer “Mr Arnold”, so all their efforts were for nought. :frowning:


The original (David Ross) Kryten did refer to the crew by their first names in that way, though.

As with Red Dwarf in general, continuity is not the strong point. :slight_smile:


:open_mouth: My lapse in Red Dwarf knowledge shames me. I need to go make amends, somehow.


I’m sure this guy can come up with a suitable punishment.



It is a cool idea.
But it also looks real crappy, and not in a cool way.

If it were done today, I could see it working.


I think having him in monochrome and having the ‘H’ is probably too much. You only need one or the other to indicate he’s a hologram. And the ‘H’ is funnier, I think.


The monochrome needs a bit more to work.
Like maybe if it was scratchy black and white broadcast signals.

Having it be like that would only really serve to underline Lister’s solitude.


They did a crude version of that in the Remastered version of Queeg where they had Rimmer glitching.

(Around the 50-second mark onwards.)