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Which followed Glee which followed Cop Rock…





When did yer one from Cruel Intentions dye her hair blonde?


look at #5
your hero from CXGF was probably in her bedroom memorizing lines from the episode when it came on.


Why is there a photo of yer wan from The Grudge in an article about a movie starting Kirsty Swanson?


She’s not my nothing. Unfortunately she was the title character and got most of the notice but the episode I mentioned earlier had more to do with the writer and full cast than whatever a “yer wan” is.


I’ve only ever fallen asleep in the the cinema once and it was during that.



sources note Gaiman was also unhappy

Unnamed sources; they could be unreliable, or Gaiman could be doing his professional duty to try and keep arguments inside the production office.


Yeah, rarely does someone still involved in a show confirm tension or disagreements that are reported.


Well, duh, no shows would exist without Buffy the Vampire Slayer because the whole world would be overrun by vampires and vampires aren’t going to make TV shows because of the whole whole not appearing on camera thing, but in compensation we’d have hot evil Willow.


And that someone will always be named Harlan Ellison!


Even when their name isn’t Harlan Ellison!


I have to admit I never understood the appeal of this show. Singing vampires and witches is just weird.


You know that only happens in one episode, right?


I may or may not have been intentionally obtuse.


Why are you people talking about ‘episodes’ of a largely forgettable low budget 90s movie with an amusing premise?


Can someone please notify Laura that Lorcan is off his meds again?


That implies he was taking meds to begin with.