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I will be watching, so I vote yes :wink:


‘Castle Rock’ is just a teaser, but it looks good.

‘Stargate’ looks terrible.


Here’s the io9 review. They had several criticisms but really seemed to fixate on the ‘white-washing.’


And in other possible reboot news:


Stargate: Origins looks like a remake done with an Asylum budget.
I am excited for all the wrong reasons.


Yes but will he threaten his co-stars off camera again?


I was going to say. This seems like a bit of the wrong climate to relaunch that show in knowing why it ended.


The article does touch on that, actually.


You’re right.

Do the Wayans have any new kids yet? Surely they have two running around to make a new The Wayans Bros.


I get where that criticism is coming from, but it’s a specific plot point in the show that characters can change bodies. IIRC Kovacs is in a black body in the second novel, for example. It’s a very different situation to Ghost in the Shell where they recast a whole bunch of explicitly Japanese characters as white folk.


It’ll be up to them to make it different over the run of the series. If the lead character is always white then its a missed opportunity.


Absolutely. A plot point in the novels is that interstellar travel is done by uploading your stack, transmitting it to the target system at lightspeed, and downloading into a new sleeve. The books take place on three different worlds, so if they keep that in place and adapt Broken Angels and Woken Furies, they’ll be recasting Kovacs twice more.


The series’ cryptic logline says only that Demimonde is “an epic and intimate sci-fi fantasy drama.” TVLine has heard that the series is a big-budget production about a world’s battle against a monstrously oppressive force.


Not really feeling this one.


Yeah all the designs are pretty ugly. Splinter especially looks terrible. Weird that they all seem to be wearing shorts and Raphael doesn’t have sais.

Interesting that there’s disagreement (even among the creators) over whether or not April was African American in the original comics.


When did Raphael become a fkin tank? All of his recent depictions have him as this huge steroid freak =/


btw, did people watch the Alan Moore Arte thing?

I’m guessing they did =P

But I didn’t see the discussion, anyone knows where all that went?


I thought it looked very entertaining. The world needs another Indiana Jones pastiche!


Yes, but good ones.


It looks just like the original Stargate, just with nazis…and a worse budget.
Sell it right man. It’ll be amazing.