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Rosswell? We are running out of properties to revive


They announced Roswell ages ago.

That “immigration twist” bit makes my skin crawl.


Didn’t they announce a new Party of Five with a similar twist???

Edit: Yep.


They did.

And it really irks me because it was already an undercurrent in the original Roswell, except it was understated and actually developed. Going at it face-front is just…icky.


Exact wording too.



I hope they build a wall to keep those aliens out.

And make the aliens pay for it!


I hope they build a wall to keep those… uh… whatever those party of five are… out.

And make all five of them pay for it!


“Party of 5 too many anchor kids” is what we were looking for, sorry.

Try your luck next time on Wheel of Fortune.



Looking good-ish. Do we want a separate thread for the show?


I mean, it was a book. Feels like a seperate thread would be a good place to hold general franchise discussion for those fans.


It was indeed a book. A very good one at that.


I sense it will get enough attention to deserve one from this crowd.


I think that’s a good idea.


io9 gave it a much more lukewarm review, though they were also pretty fixated on the fact that Kovac’s an asian man in a white man’s body and seem to let it affect their enjoyment of the show.


Io9 has become an awful sack of shit compared to it’s glory days :grimacing:


Alan Sepinwall was mixed on it too:

Yet despite the leaden pacing and smugness of the whole thing, I could never get myself to quit Altered Carbon. I kept resolving to stop after the second episode, the fourth, etc., and there would always be some kind of carrot on a stick — a remarkable action sequence, an unexpected burst of humor from what’s largely a grimdark show, an intriguing new application of the body swapping concept, the leading man reminding me of why I began to think of The Killing as a Joel Kinnaman delivery system — that kept me going.