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The English language, ten-part, high concept series is set in a dystopian world and will tell the adventurous story of a group of young people in a not too distant future. During a flight, they are forced to make an emergency landing outside of their home and are confronted with the actual face of their home country for the first time.

“After ten TV movies and 12 films, I wanted to tell a longer story for once,” Haneke said.






It can only be hosted by Spock!



Dude actually looks like Jack Ryan. Did they finally pry the rights out of what’s-his-name’s hands?


Mace Neufeld? Nope, still an EP on this.


May it be in name only! Wow, did not like what he did behind the scenes - I think the films came out okay in spite of him.
Could have been really good.


That’s a fun cover of All Along the Watchtower.

How long has this version been in production? It seems like I heard John Krasinski would be playing him ages ago.

I wasn’t interested before but that trailer looks intriguing.


It was announced back in 2015, and Krasinski was cast in April 2016.


Wow. Is that a long gestation for a TV show or is it just me?


Westworld was similarly long in getting to the season


Depends on the pre-production. Remember a slop-and-glop kids game show called Funhouse? Was in on the pre-production there, six whole weeks! And note Game of Thrones, whose spin-off (or whatever they are going to call the next GRRM show) has been gestating a good three years in active pre-production. I don’t think there’s a rule of thumb.


Oh, I’m not talking pre-production. I mean it sounded like they were active.


It’s pretty long, but not ridiculous. It’s fairly common for Netflix to announce a show that will air years later. Altered Carbon, launching this week, was ordered in January 2016.


Sounds like the Ed Sheeran version.


Ya. It’s the Devlin version.

I linked a live version here.

I’m pretty impressed.


I think it’s something that is highly variable. Typical network US shows worked on really short timelines but British shows that never air before they are 100% complete could be done filming a year before they appear. Netflix with the ‘dump’ model are clearly following that one more closely but similarly rush some things and not others.

Now we have hybrid methods across various channels taking a bit from here and there.