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The car racers will compete in customized and weaponized vehicles as they race across the Britain in an attempt to escape the control of a totalitarian government.

Sean Bean in something similar to Death Race? Sold


And suspenseful! We’ll be waiting every week for his character’s fatal crash!


Or every week his character will die in a different fatal crash!


The Shape of Water star Michael Shannon is joining The Little Drummer Girl, the John le Carré adaptation from The Night Manager team of The Ink Factory, BBC One and AMC. He will play Israeli spymaster Kurtz, who entangles a young woman, played by Florence Pugh in a complex and high stakes plot with his Israeli intelligence officer colleague, played by Alexander Skarsgård.


Seriously? That seems… impossible :confused: The original ran for years.


It was on for a decade, but there was a five-year break between S1 and S2 and three years between S3 and S4. There was only 25 episodes.



But I’m sure if Holly were offered a paying gig with it, her tune might change.



Richard Hatch wasn’t a fan of the way BSG was rebooted (he was trying to relaunch his own version) but he took a role on it and was very good, playing against type,


There’s a story behind that. Ron Moore went to a BSG fan convention to give a talk about the then-upcoming miniseries, and was getting heckled by the crowd but showing grace under pressure. Hatch stepped onto the stage and said that they should at least hear him out before making their minds up, and the two hit it off, leading to Moore offering him the role of Tom Zarek.




The best DC show is back!


And Gotham is back March 1st.


Hope this means they finally get season 3 unto Netflix Germany.



I mean, I don’t see a point in doing It’s Always Sunny without all the main cast. The show just won’t work right without any of them.


Right. It’d be like getting rid of George from Seinfeld/


That one episode (was it “The Pilot” maybe?) where NBC shot Seinfeld with another cast quite showed how dialed-in an ensemble cast has to be to really work properly. Look at the longest-lived, like I Love Lucy and MASH.