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I know ‘Charmed’ was basically ‘The Craft’ as a TV series with the rough edges sanded off, but a ‘The Craft’ series WITH the rough edges would be a great idea.


Aren’t they developing a Craft tv show? Or was it a reboot/sequel?


Who knows? Development (Hell) can last an eternity.


And everything seems to be in development. I was just reading an article from 2015 that Jim Starlin’s DREADSTAR is in development for a television series. That would be a great series, but we’ll never know if it’s happening until it’s actually happening.


Starlin, separately from Dreadstar, is doing a bit of bouncing about. I think nothing is settled at all at the moment.


I felt like I was the biggest Ultraverse fan in the world back in the day, and even I missed out on that Night Man show…



Trailer for Evil Dead looks really good, so I’m on the side of looking forward to this season.

Heathers… so they made the weird outsiders into the popular kids and the pretty white ones are now the outsiders who kill them?

That’s a very weird change to make, and from the trailer, it’s not working for me. I think this may have been a bad idea.


I dunno, it sounds good. The 21 Jump Street movie played with a similar conceit. But the execution is insanely bad from that trailer.
Maybe as a short skit?




The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale debuts Sunday, Feb. 18 and is being billed as “a half-hour topical series that takes a sharp, absurdist look at pop culture and news from across the globe. It’s a fast and funny distillation of everything people are talking about that week. Featuring celebrity guests, comedy sketches and insane video clips from the worldwide realms of TV, sports, politics, celebrity culture and every corner of the internet.”

Each episode will be 30 minutes in length and tape every Thursday before debuting the following Sunday.


Nobody at all in this part of the world is using Amazon for TV despite it being available since the Summer. They just charge more for less than Netflix offer. There is no ‘essential’ Amazon show like Stranger Things or Game of Thrones.

I suspect it is always part of the model to get market share first and then up the subs but I don’t know quite who can be arsed despite those that get the Prime postage benefit if they order a lot, which is limited to only around 12 of Amazon’s countries.


Ya. We have Prime primary for the postage benefit. We rarely watch any shows on it. The one exception was The Expanse but they’ve never added the second season ad free to Prime though it is available to be purchased.


It’s coming Feb 7th.


Total bloody fools.

Reality TV Crew Arrested At Airport With Phony Bomb-Looking Device Wanted To Film Reaction

Members of a reality TV production crew were arrested last night at Newark Liberty International Airport for allegedly attempting to sneak a phony bomb-looking device through security, possibly to film the security response.


The men reportedly claimed to work on the upcoming CNBC reality show Staten Island Hustle, a spring 2018 series following a group of Staten Island, NY, friends and businessmen looking for “far-fetched” products and ideas for investments.

Endemol issued a statement saying, “While this process is ongoing we are unable to comment further but in the meantime, we sincerely apologize for any disruption caused.”


CNBC had no comment on the matter.


Forget it Steve, it’s Staten Island.



Yeah, same here. It’s nice to have as an addition, but if prime didn’t have other advantages (music is another factor), I wouldn’t use it.


Wearing sailor uniforms? And will there be mecha?

Otherwise, what’s the point? :confused: