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No the paragraph above says that the actors list are the shows leads and they all play members of the Seven.

have joined Erin Moriarty as leads in Amazon’s straight-to-series drama The Boys, Deadline has learned.


Says “as leads” which is also accurate. They are pretty ever present and important in many storylines


They’re not in anyway the leads in the comic. They’re important but they’re still just supporting characters.



Eh, kinda sucks for JCVD but I’m okay wih it being just a weird one season show.


Interested that they canceled I Love Dick after Bacon was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role.




Mark Kermode, one of the leading film critics in the UK, is heading to television with a five-part documentary series looking at some of the most interesting stories in British movie history.

Kermode, who is the chief film critic for The Observer newspaper and co-presents the popular Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review for BBC Radio 5 Live, is to host Screen Stories with Mark Kermode (w/t) for BBC Four.

The show will see Kermode present his own personal guide to cinema, told through some of the most popular film genres, including fantasy, romantic comedies, crime thrillers, horror and more. He will explore the filmmaking techniques and behind-the-scenes secrets of an eclectic selection of films from Hollywood classics to the best of global cinema, from big budget blockbusters to art house gems.

The series is being co-written by British film writer Kim Newman, who previously co-write Ghastly Beyond Belief: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Book of Quotations with American Gods creator Neil Gaiman.




That sounds like it could be very good.


Agreed on this. I enjoy the stuff he does, even when I don’t agree with it. His passion for cinema always comes through so I expect this to be good.



Grace Victoria Fox is the spit of Robin Tunney in The Craft.



Always nice seeing Ash… the Heathers thing is something…


I’m a bit worried about this season of Ash, after the showrunner left because of disagreements with the producer:

The A.V. Club: It was quietly reported last month that you would be stepping down as showrunner for Ash Vs. Evil Dead. What happened?

Craig DiGregorio: Honestly, it was a big difference of opinion on what the show should be. It’s weird—when you do something with an established property, it’s great because people already love the characters and the world. The downside sometimes can be that there’s a lot of ownership and other opinions that might not complement yours perfectly. With the case of Sam Raimi, who directed the pilot, I got along with him perfectly. He was amazing and such a great collaborator—Bruce [Campbell] as well. But they had a third person as their producer [Robert Tapert] and a lot of times we wouldn’t see eye to eye on stuff. He’s a great person and producer, but creatively, we just didn’t have the same taste at all. So, that’s what led to my decision. He owns part of the property and had a lot of creative opinions, but it was my job to creatively steer the show and so it became a hindrance.

A microcosm of the relationship would be like—you know that morgue scene where he battles a colon monster? That, to me, was one of the most fun, the most Evil Dead scenes you could have in the show—I loved it. I thought it would be really funny and scary and have Bruce at his best and have the visuals be amazing. To me, that fight was like, “Yes, that is exactly what the show should be,” and I had a lot of disagreements with the producer about that. “This is not Evil Dead” would be something that was said a lot, and the end of the day, you can’t really get too much done if the person who is creatively steering things and the person who is physically producing things aren’t agreeing on what is Evil Dead. I fought for weeks and weeks to get that colon fight in the show and I thought that was a no-brainer. To me, that is one of the most fun sequences we did on the show in two seasons.


I’m not. The episode he was most proud of last season was the one I liked the least because it was trying far too hard to be “funny.” I agree that it wasn’t Evil Dead. Also his plan for the finale, which is what the disagreement was primarily about, sounded terrible.


100% agreed.
The show really wasn’t working for me, but I’ll check it out again now that there’s been some creative changes.