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I’d say it’s aiming for Rick & Morty.

But with way more jokes.


Yeah…there are a lot of jokes.

There is a plot but it seems to be drowned in jokes and wordplay none of which seem to be landing. The base premise intriguing me enough to check out the pilot though.



The big difference is that Rick and Morty is actually funny.


I didn’t say it hit. :wink:



New Alan Ball:




This is probably a good idea, the film was very low key and created a world that has a lot of room for expansion and added details.

They had a real problem following it up on the big screen. Edwards was a bit of a one-off. By taking on so much himself he made something distinctive and very cost-effective. The actual sequel was more conventionally expensive (not big budget, but more than ‘Monsters’) and the idea of bringing on another VFX artists who wanted to direct lead them to ‘Kill Command’, which was wildly ambitious and went substantially over budget.


It seems a bit all over the place - from the trailer, I get a good impression of the central characters, but have no idea what the plot will be about.

I am sure it will be good, but I kind of liked Ball’s genre shows better, retrospectively, than even Six Feet Under, I think.





That would be a terrible idea, except it’s at Starz… so if they do this similarly to Banshee, it could be REALLY good.


That was Cinemax.


Oh shit, well then never mind (I get those two mixed all the fking time u_u)… :smile:

Still, if they do something Banshee-like, it could be good…