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Y’see, that’s proper nepotism! Hire the writer’s kid!


Worked with Brian Herbert, right?



Oh, I don’t think anybody exactly hired him!


Looks like they’ve spent a fair bit on that. Could be quite impressive if the story matches the visuals.


The book it’s based on is great, but they’ve changed some background elements at least, so it remains to be seen how accurate this will be.


That looks like the gimmick-iest 90’s cover that never happened :smile:


Marvel was literally publishing covers like that a few months ago.


With a mini-person inside??? :open_mouth:

(yes I know which ones you mean =P)


Her son, Christopher, is a successful writer and has written about a dozen novels over the past two decades. He also recently co-authored, with his mother, a sequel to her Mummy novel.

I suspect that she is planning to turn control of her literary properties over to him at some point, either after she retires or dies.

And, I hate to say this, but after her last four or so entries in “The Vampire Chronicles,” that’s not a bad idea. From what I’ve heard, the latest entry in her vampire series, Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis, introduced aliens into her vampire mythos.


I believe it actually establishes the vampires as aliens. Who built Atlantis as well.


That makes it so much better :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I quit after the Body Thief…
They really are terrible books.


At least they gave us one of Tom Cruise’s best roles


I got as far as Memnoch the Devil before admitting I was no longer interested in the characters and situations. I still believe The Vampire Lestat (and, to a lesser extent, Interview…) is a great book that held a lot of promise – but Rice took the series in increasingly ridiculous directions that eventually turned me off.


Much as I love Brian Fuller, I think the time for those Anne Rice books to be adapted is past. I mean, we’ve had True Blood at this point which took the Anne Rice stuff and injected it with a lot of drugs and then ran away with it. Going back now feels kind of stale already.


To be fair though it doesn’t seem to go for laughs all that much; a lot of that trailer was kind-of-serious-albeit-light-hearted space adventure. Could be interesting to see a Western animated series explore that kind of territory.


Did you watch the same trailer as me? It was clearly aiming for laughs in a lot of it, there were plenty of jokes included. Most of them just didn’t really land. I’ll admit to laughing at the the stairs line though.


Memnoch the Devil… that was the one that burned the image of Lestat stuffing a used Maxi Pad into his mouth as some kind of bizarre religious experience after returning from Hell.

The ironic thing is, if such a thing had appeared in a splatterpunk novel or Garth Ennis’ Preacher as a bit of shock or gross-out humor it wouldn’t have creeped me out so much, but Rice played the whole thing straight-faced.



I mean compared to other animated stuff like Family Guy or Futurama or the like - there’s a comparatively more serious approach here. There’s jokes, but there’s obviously also a more traditional adventure plot being followed, as well. More Guardians of the Galaxy than Spaceballs, if you will.