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Ah, okay, yeah, I was wondering if that was what it was, but with Fuller and Mikkelsen recently talking about how a fourth season is actually likely, I thought it might be serious :slight_smile:



Yeah, those are what make me think it probably won’t happen. :slight_smile:

It would be nice if it did, though.


First, edit your work, SlashFilm! Shame on you!

Second. “Nurse Ratched TV series”.

No. No no no no nononono NO!

Mental health care is at such a horridly abysmal level in this country that it a major crisis of pandemic scope. The last thing needed is some retrospective view of one of the very worst times in psychiatry, a time of cruelty and surgery and electricity that is as frightening to a modern therapist as using a rack and Iron Maiden to get confessions would be to an ACLU lawyer! Bad, horrible thinking! Both the medical people at the time and the idiots who think this is some sort of entertainment.

I have yet to see therapy, let alone a whole psychiatric unit, come anywhere near an accurate portrayal in any media. *Cuckoo’s Nest" is a period piece and a morality tale; and IMO the details need to be left to at least second-year psych students. First-years should not be focused on the fact such errors existed. (Teach the proper methods first, then why trephining did not let the demons out!)

Oh, I’m hot against this one.




Man, Alex Inc looks dull and flat. The only joke in that entire trailer is a robot throwing a baby and they thought it was funny enough to include twice. Ouch.

At this point I feel like there should be a genre name for shows about quirky male geniuses and their no-nonsense female law enforcement partners.


Mike Myers has been hosting a gameshow in disguise for six months and no one really noticed

NME have got the words ‘noticed’ and ‘cared’ mixed up again.


The Gong Show is still going?


Yeah, that wasn’t a secret. It was obviously Mike Myers in character.


Everyone noticed. It was very obvious.


“Mike Myers also played Dr Evil in Austin Powers and no-one noticed.”


He also played Fat Bastard, did you know that?!


I just found out he was Shrek!

Hell of a makeup job.


And he was in Halloween!


Nah that was William Shatner.


No, no, the only joke was the little girl saying “Hello I am a British person” in a bad British accent.

Though, to be honest, I imagine all Americans do that in private.


I know, that was NME’s link headline at the top, not my words. I was saying how they got their words wrong there. :smiley:



I’m afraid to find out what Christopher Plumber has done that they needed to replace him with Donald Sutherland.

(Am I the only one who thought that Donald Sutherland was dead?)